Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeff Trade Part II: More Weird Stuff Happened In The '90s

See this? It's Dale Murphy. IN A COLORADO ROCKIES UNIFORM. No airbrushing! Don't believe your eyes? Look again!

Weird stuff, eh? Poor Murph. He just doesn't look very happy there. He looked much happier even as a member of the Phillies, which was weird enough. Heck, Murph on '90s cards or Upper Deck cards kinda freaks me out, man. I am glad I got this card, though. Wanted one of him in Colorado since I got serious about collecting again. Murph fans, is this the only card issued of him as a Rockie, or am I missing some? Let me know. In the meantime, here's some more weird stuff that happened in the '90s.

Garry Templeton was a Met! My eyes keep telling me that this is actually an error card and that the picture's of Willie Randolph, but Willie wouldn't be manning short as Garry appears to be at Wrigley here.

Dwight Evans was an Oriole! I remember this one happening, but it's still weird. I remembered Murph in Colorado, too, but I actually saw Dewey play as an Oriole on TV at some point.

Brian Downing was a Texas Ranger! Remember this one too, but the dude was Mr. Angel in the '80s.

Oil Can Boyd was a Ranger, too! Not only that, but he had a great pair of glasses, and he smiled! His glove looks awfully big to me for some reason. 
Finally for this post, a twofer, and I want to see if you can help me arrange the timeline on these pictures...

Eric Davis went to outer space...

...and then he got a really big head!

Or, did he get sent to outer space because he had such a big head? Discuss!

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