Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jeff Trade Part III: An Assortment Of Guys Who Can Hit The Crap Out Of A Baseball

We'll start off this 3rd assortment of stuff from Jeff with our pal Josh, from the '01 Traded set, a card that came out a few years into his time as a Rays prospect. No forearm tattoos yet. Also looks a lot less buff here than he does now, but he was younger here, and might've already been getting into trouble (I'm not super-familiar with the timeline on that). Even a few years in now, it's still great to see Josh back on track.

Here's the '83 Fleer card (I think the earliest regular issue card of the big guy, unless he snuck into '83 Donruss when I wasn't looking) of one of my favorite Facebook users, Ron Kittle. His Page isn't quite as, um, detailed as his user profile is, but if you manage to sneak onto his friends list for the user profile, Ron's actually a reason to login to Facebook. Every morning, he wakes up early, tells us all to kick ass at life and then talks about what he's having for breakfast. Great guy. Hell of a power hitter, too...

...kinda like this guy. Holy frig. I would not want to be the baseball in this shot. Kong smash!

Ol' Tuffy was known to hit a ball or two out of a stadium as well, though he did most of that in Japan. I'm just getting started on gathering Tuffy cards, so keep 'em coming!

Weird shot, this one. Hard to say if he swung early or fouled the ball off. Smed, you're good at this stuff. Any guesses? (Also: man, '94 Score was a good set.)

It's always cool when people do collector issue cards of Dave Winfield where he's not in a Yankee uniform. No knock on his Yankee days, when he provided me with untold hours of entertainment on the ballfield, but when people do retrospective cards on his career, he's typically in pinstripes, even though he did a bunch of time in San Diego, and played all over after he left the Bronx. Also: these '01 Donruss Classics are nice cards. Check out this Thome one...

Purdy, right?

Alright, which one of you huckleberries had Bo Jackson square to bunt for the picture? Why you gotta mess with the youngsters like that?

Whew! Much better.

Man...the '90s.

Let's close this one out with this '04 Studio Duke Snider, which was made deliberately to mess with us. The picture of Duke is from the Brooklyn days, obviously, but the background is of what appears to be modern-day downtown Los Angeles! Were Donruss trying to make fanboy heads explode or something? Geez, next thing you know, they'll Photoshop Mickey Mantle into one of the skyscraper windows with his beaver shooting binoculars!


  1. Have you ever read Hamilton's book? It's a nice read

  2. Nope, haven't gotten there yet. I'd actually forgotten whether he put one out or not. Have to put that on my rather long to-read list, thanks for the reminder.

  3. When I was little I used to read baseball autobiographies (like Sparky Lyle's "The Bronx Zoo") and thought that after the game the players would go out into the woods and hunt for beavers.


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