Friday, January 28, 2011

Jeff Trade Part III: A Long Overdue Bipping!

...only I requested this one. 

It's funny and a little sad that our pal Bip has become synonymous with unwanted cards, because so many of his cards are friggin' AWESOME, like the one above. Bip almost always looks cool, whether he's wearing a sombrero (still need that card) or just making a routine play. (As an aside, I may be one of three people who LOVES the '91 Fleer set. Forget whether I've mentioned that here yet or not.)

Bip looks almost like a hieroglyphic drawing in this shot!

Whoa, look out, Bip! Comin' atcha! Never mind, he's got it. Of course he's got it! He's Bip Roberts!

I think his hat might be too big here, though.

These were my first-ever intentional Bip Roberts pickups, and while I'll probably cut into some of your Bip stashes by doing so, they're the start of a Bip player collection, along with the legendary '87 Topps we all know and love and a couple others I ended up with over the years. Here's to many more!


  1. I must be another one of the 3. I love the 91 Fleer set. Why? Because it's different than all the rest.

  2. I'm the third of the 91 Fleer fans. I like the yellow borders, and as someone who started collecting in '87, it was the first Fleer set in my memory that had interesting photography, especially as it followed those boring '89 and '90 sets, which were pretty much all mug shots.


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