Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jeff Trade Part IV: "Here's lookin' at you, kid."

All I could think about, when I came across this card of Bob Walk in my package from Jeff, was Humphrey Bogart. Terrific shot.

I strongly thought about holding this one back for a caption contest, but it's just too good not to share now. Feel free to caption it!

If I were Jim Gantner, I'd have this picture hanging over my fireplace. Terrific portrait.

The Unit looks mildly annoyed about something. Could be that he bumped his head on the yellow border.

In this shot, Chuck Finley, worn out from a hard day's work and the heat, thinks wistfully about going home and watching his copy of the Whitesnake video collection.

"Laugh all you want, but I'm totally going to be the Yankees' Opening Day starter! If that goldbrickin' Pavano can do it, I can! No, screw you, Bartolo, it's MINE!"

Murph escaped the '80s proper again, but at least he's still in a Braves uniform!

I've posted an UD card of him before, but, not unlike Dale Murphy, I still can't wrap my head around Darryl Strawberry on an Upper Deck card. It seems almost sacrilegious.

Even Mookie's laughing about it. This is probably the best Mookie Wilson card ever. How can you not love that smile? When I came to this card in Jeff's package, I just kinda sat with it for a few minutes and soaked in how much fun Mookie appeared to be having.

Dickie Thon, bless his heart, doesn't seem to be having as much fun here as Mookie was on the last card. He seems almost as bored as Mookie was happy. With any luck, the Krukker came over and busted his chops a little after this picture was taken.

"I'll get right on that when I'm back in the dugout. Man, I'm thirsty. Can one of you guys throw me a brewski out of the cooler?"

Even in that awkward Cards uniform, Pedro Guerrero looks more awesome with each passing card. See?

Check how how unbelievably chill he looks here, rounding the bases at Wrigley (is it me, or did they use that park a lot in '92 UD?), casually glancing at where the ball is, floating on air. There's a total Zen about Pedro Guerrero, or at least his cards.

Vlad, at least at this early point in his career, shared no such Zen with Pedro, only a last name. Man, was he something else early on, though. I really hope he gets to have a few more great moments in his career, if only to keep America's enduring memory of the guy from being his fumbling around in the outfield in the World Series. He was such an amazing fielder for the first half of his career, too, which made that all the more painful to watch.

And to wrap this one up before I flood you guys out too badly, we go from one of the greatest Expos to the greatest Jay. There's something bittersweet about this shot, almost like Stieb can see the end coming even though he kept at it for a long time after his big injury. I always dug Stieb, though, and really wanted his comeback to work out. There was just something about the guy, y'know?

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