Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeff Trade Part V: Al Newman was pretty cool, Beavis.

Al Newman is a cat who caught my attention back in the '87 World Series, as he was fun to watch, even though he wasn't what you'd call the world's best hitter by a long shot. He worked hard and had fun on the field, and that's more than enough reason to like any player. Al had great cards, too, as you'll see thanks to Jeff. In this first one, he's totally flashing the jazz hands.

Here, he manages to out-Willie Randolph Willie Randolph!

This shot's terrific, too. Given that he only had one career HR in 8 seasons, and it didn't happen with the Twins, I'd love to know where the ball landed.

Always cool to add some Al cards, so if you're trading with me, keep 'em coming!

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