Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeff Trade Part VI: Get The Hell Outta Town!

"Wade Boggs was a Devil Ray? Get the hell outta town!" That would've been a better name for this subset in '02 Topps, which is somewhat reminiscent of my "Weird Stuff Happened In The '90s" thing I reference here from time to time.

"Reggie Jackson, an Angel? Get the hell outta town!" (Note the huge missed opportunity for an Oriole Reggie card here.)

"Steve Garvey got laid in that Padres uniform? Get the hell outta town!"

I got a million of 'em. Actually, I only have 3 of these. Wouldn't mind getting more, though.


  1. Also, I just checked COMC and there was a 2001 set too. Has Boggs going from the Sox to Yankees and Jackson going from the A's to Yankees, among many others.


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