Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeff Trade Part VII: "...and the rest."

As a kid, the end of the "Gilligan's Island" theme song annoyed me on the first season episodes. Why didn't they think The Professor and Mary Ann were worthy of mention initially? The Professor was the guy who was gonna get them off of that stinking island, and Mary Ann was pretty hot in that "if I got stuck in a small town for the night" kinda way. Anyway, I used the nod to the 1st season theme in the title of this post only because it kept getting stuck in my head as I kept making posts about this trade, "I'll do the Al Newmans, the Bips and the on Gilligan's Isle!", not because the stars of this post are unworthy of mention by even a nickname. Enjoy!

I bet The Professor would've made a mean Bong had he tried.

Albert Belle is not a Bong, but man, does he look mean here.

David Cone (who kinda looks like Bob Denver...OK, I'll stop) is a total low rider here. This totally looks like it's gonna be some sort of Bugs Bunny pitch where it tunnels under the Earth before coming back up for strike three.

Randy Johnson, on the other hand, doesn't toy with that sort of thing.

If only Upper Deck had had the good sense not to toy with the color correction on his card that year. Ouch.

"You do a job like that on my card, and I think you can guess where this bat's going!"

When did I turn the corner on '90 Fleer? I love this set now. It's kinda weird. This Paul O'Neill is such a conventional looking shot, but it really works here.

I don't think anything was ever conventional about Bob Walk.

Were Upper Deck taking the piss here? I hope not! Have a little respect for Jim Abbott, you guys!

That's more like it, '94 Score! I didn't get to see this game when it happened, but I was really happy for Jim, and it was a bright spot in a not-quite-good Yankee season.

Julio Franco looks like a drill sargeant here. The color correction guys overdid it on another '92 Upper Deck card, too. Everything's just a little too bright and a little too sharp.

Tom Browning disapproves. 

What a pitcher this guy was.

This guy, too. I loved Teddy Higuera as a kid. Another guy, like Browning, who was cut down by arm injuries. This card, I've been referring to as "Teddy's Last Ride" as I've been going through the stuff for these trade posts, because of its proximity to the end of his career, so I guess it's fitting that I went with it for the last card here, too.

Thanks again for all the cards, Jeff!


  1. 1993 was a "not-quite-good Yankee season"? It was the year that brought them out of the doldrums and made them a competitor again! Sure, they didn't finish first, but it was filled with optimism and was their best season in years. How quickly we forget.

  2. They were getting there, Bo, but it wasn't quite "it" yet. They were still a few pieces away. I watched a lot of those games, and while I was glad to see improvement, it still felt like they were too far away. The improvement was rapid from there, though.


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