Monday, January 31, 2011

People keep giving me stuff!

Not too long ago, I came across this really great post over at Section 36, great not just because it involved free stuff, but also because it gave me some great ideas on how to deal with the "excess card" problem. For now, I've just been trading things off and including them in giveaways, but eventually, I may want (or need) to go to the Section 36 10 Year Plan with my commons, and fairly soon, I think a school (or somewhere that deals with kids) will be getting a bunch of junk wax commons. If you need anything from the '87 Topps set, get your orders in now!

Anyway, in addition to some really great, refreshing perspective on how to deal with abundance, I also got some 2001 Rays cards from Section 36, so here are a few highlights from those.

Very early in the Rays' history, they had this Steve Cox feller, who I remember as being one of the first Rays worth watching. He played in Japan for a year after leaving MLB, too, and was also noteworthy as "the other guy" brought up from Durham on the day that Jim Morris was called up.

I was going to a fair share of Yankee games at the time, and sitting in or near Section 39 (not to be confused with the benefactor of this post), I got to hear some interesting things shouted at opposing right fielders. You guys can probably figure out where the Bleacher Creatures went with this guy, but what made it especially biting was the kid in the front row, probably about 8 years old, who kept yelling "You suck, Cox!" randomly throughout the game, which would get all the regulars started again when they'd forgotten about him. It's gotta be rough getting razzed by an 8 year old, especially with that last name.

Weird, eh? I think Bo got one of these too, when he got the '01 Pirates from the Section 36 giveaway. Here's what the back looks like, allowing us to see that it's Russ Johnson on the card:

Bad day at the printing press, Topps! I love a good error, though. Note that this card also counts as a Paul Byrd card!

A couple of the commons I got were anything but! Check out that Crime Dog!

And that one! Very cool way to punctuate a package of cards that was filled with the Russ Johnsons and Steve Coxes of the world, otherwise.

Thanks again to Section 36 for the cards and the ideas, and keep up the good work over there!


  1. Glad you like the cards!

    Ten years later, those misprint cards still baffle me. I got 15-20 of the things. Some of them had different players, like yours. On some the gold was for the correct player, but just on the back. I have no idea how the Topps printers goofed like that, or how I got so many of them.

  2. Weird stuff definitely happens in the printing process. Check out this stuff I sent to Ben Henry a few years ago for more proof of that:

    w000 I'M TRIPPING

    Did you get all of your misprints in one box, or were they spread out over a few?

    Thanks again for the cards, and again, for the inspiration to do something a little different with my extras moving forward!


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