Sunday, January 9, 2011

Philly Saturday

Did a little rummaging around for cards yesterday. Hit a card/memorabilia shop that had maybe a 3200 box of cards in the store's stock. Still found some good/interesting/needed cards in the Phillies section for $.50 a pop.

This is probably the gem of the weekend. GREAT Finest card from a million years ago when Thome was a Phil.

I got a couple '08 Heritage cards I needed. Brett Myers was the other one, but we can pass on scanning that. Liking the shade of green they used here.

3 '08 Ginters were located as well (also got Pat "The Bat Machine" Burrell and a Hamels mini). I dig cards where hitters are pointing their bats at the "camera". Not enough to start a specific collection of 'em, but they're pretty cool.

Now, I'm not trying to put together the '08 Moments & Milestones set or an Utley collection, but this card is numbered to 10 (and, if you wanna get particular about it, 320 on the blue backgrounds counting each HR), and it was $.50. I think I have one or two other numbered-to-10s from this set (blanking on whose cards they are, though, and I'm not in front of my stuff). Eventually, no matter how gimmicky limited runs like these are, or how well-preserved the cards remain in the aftermarket, I think people are gonna wake up and realize that completing a run like this is really, really hard (especially with how dismissive the mainstream hobby is of anything that doesn't have extra ink or a relic embedded in it) and they're gonna jump all over it. If you're thinking about picking up any short-numbered base set cards, now is probably the best time to do it.

Finally, I picked up a pack of this year's O-Pee-Chee hockey at Target, and while I did get 2 of my beloved Isles in the pack (along with an Evander Kane), this Sergei Bobrovsky is the gem of the pack. Look at how much fun this card design is! A big logo without it being an annoying big logo, rainbow, bilingual "Rookie" lettering, and this particular card has a fairly decent close action shot of the player in question (and on recent hockey cards, I've noticed that decent pictures of the players can be tough to come by, period; this season hasn't been a great one for hockey photography). It looks and feels like an old hockey card without being irritatingly "retro". Good job on this, Upper Deck!

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