Friday, January 21, 2011

The Round-Up for 1/21/11!

Just a quick update so's youse guys don't forget about me. Big "behind the scenes" kinda week over here. Finished up a few trades, spent 2 days sorting, cataloguing, scanning and filing a ton of incoming cards (more on those soon), and Toppstown has eaten my brain. Traded up to 107 unique cards from my initial 64 (without getting any additional codes beyond ones I had from this year), with 10 days to go and about a dozen duplicates to play with! Wanna trade or play Attax? I am:

Good luck to "Bullpen Gospels" author Dirk Hayhurst, who accepted a minor league deal with the Tampa Bay Rays today. (Ever since they got rid of the Devil, I've wanted to call them the East Bay Rays. Side-effects of a well-spent youth, I surmise.)

More posts this weekend, in all likelihood. Tons of new cards added to the scan pile. Just have to decide which ones go in which posts. Stay warm!

Update: Community Gum are running another contest! Enter this weekend, or be square!

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  1. I should name my fantasy team the "East Bay Rays" this year. And we'll train in Cambodia (I'll be sure to pack a wife...)


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