Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Round-Up for 1/6/11!

Whew! 3 packages out today, and 2 trades still in the works. Keepin' me busy, folks! Of course, this means that my want list and trade list are something of a disaster area at the moment, with literally hundreds of cards in transit or close to it, but I'm workin' on both.

Congrats to this guy...

...and this guy, on their election to the Baseball Hall Of Fame!

As for my feelings on this year's voting? Very, very happy for ol' Bert, whose election will hopefully re-open the very strong cases for Tommy John and Jim Kaat, and free up sportswriter brain cells devoted to "Jack Morris vs. Bert Blyleven" for discussion of Jack's election on his own merits (I think he belongs, ERA be damned!). I'm also glad Alomar's not taking up space on the ballot anymore, one way or the other. (I think that's what they call "being polite".) Other than those two, I was disappointed to see Harold Baines fall off the ballot, and to see John Olerud and John Franco be one-and-done (the consolation in that is that Kevin Brown was, too), but the BBWAA got it right otherwise for a change. Here's hoping we see two or three more guys get in next year (Bernie!) before it all hits the fan in the '13 vote. I think the Mayans ended their calendar because they didn't want to listen to sportswriters get sanctimonious about Barry Bonds' and Roger Clemens' Hall Of Fame chances.

Do any of y'all collect Magic: The Gathering cards or play the game? Through some garage sale accident, I ended up with a small handful, around 50 or so cards, a few years ago, and I'm looking to unload. I'll have a list up eventually but if you want to do a blind trade and save me the trouble of cataloguing them, that'd be awesome too.

Here's some more weird crap I ended up with somehow. It's the 1991 Pepsi/Nintendo Super Secrets set, 26 cards, about postcard size, all with instructions on how to beat the pants off of teh Super Marios. I've got a double of the Raccoon Mario card (a little well-loved, but still decent looking) along with the complete set, and I've got these, cut out of the 12 pack boxes, as well...

Only one Rocky Wrench...

...but 3 Sledge Brothers!

They're all available for trade if anyone's interested.

As I was looking for cards to trade to Matt, I came across two awesome, awesome cards of Danny Schayes, who, despite playing a long career during an era when I did casually watch basketball, I'd never heard of before today. I mean, look at this guy! He's big, he's hairy and he wears goggles!

The cards are still yours if you want 'em, Matt, but I had to get scans of them up on the site first!

Finally, Paul O'Neill Flair. Just because.

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