Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Burger King Awesomeness

So, this is probably what the '77 Topps Reggie card should've looked like, if they weren't going to do the right thing and make it an O's card. If you've never seen the card before, it's from the '77 Burger King Yankees set. There were a few "not on the Topps card" shots used in the Burger King sets between '77-'80, when Topps was producing cards for BK. During that time, there were 3 Yankees sets ('77-'79), 2 Phillies sets ('79-'80), sets of the Astros, Rangers and Tigers in '78, and the national Pitch, Hit And Run set in 1980 (more on this below).

Among the coolest not-in-main-Topps cards are the '78 cards of the big 3 Tigers rookies, from the regional Tigers set...

Jack "You had to be there" Morris...

Alan Trammell, who may well make it into the Hall after Barry Larkin does...

And Lou freakin' Whitaker, who should already be in there, but isn't even on the ballot.

Another interesting one that made its way into the 1980 Phillies set is this Keith Moreland card. Moreland didn't make it into the main Topps set until '81, so this is (unless I'm missing a card somewhere; it's possible that he's in a TCMA minors set) his actual rookie card.

We'll finish with Nolan Ryan today, who, if I'm not mistaken, made his first appearance on a card as an Astro in the 1980 Burger King Pitch, Hit And Run set (which was a national issue, 11 pitchers, hitters and base stealers; I'll probably profile the full set soon, as it's full of good stuff, like 13 Hall Of Famers, more unique-to-the-set pictures and so forth). Again, like the Moreland card, this was a year before he was an Astro in the main Topps set.


  1. It's been said before, but Burger King cards were the Traded cards of my childhood. I saw that Reggie Jackson card advertised everywhere when I was a kid, but never saw it in person.

  2. They totally do look like Tradeds, don't they?

    The Reggie I own is the first one I've seen. '77 BK stuff is actually way harder to get than you'd think. '78 and '79 Yankees are common as these things go, but I consider myself very lucky to finally have all the '77s (Piniella included; posted that one a while ago), because those cards just aren't out there, and they aren't getting any younger. Don't get me wrong, the Tigers/Astros/Rangers aren't easy to get either, but '77 Yanks are tough.


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