Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some stuff.

First off, my beautiful artwork (some of it anyway) can finally be shown!

dkwilson of It's like having my own Card Shop received his personally signed and defaced 1/1 1987 Topps Jim Morrison card! dayf, this should give you an idea of what you're in for if your package hasn't gotten there yet. As I mentioned in the contest winnin's post, I've got an open offer of one of these randomly chosen, totally defaced 1987 Topps cards (not Jim here, he's 1/1) to anyone who entered the "CAPTION THIS CARD!" contest (there's still 7 of you who haven't accepted), which will be good until the next "CAPTION THIS CARD!" contest starts (whenever I build up a decent/weird enough prize package). After that, I'll probably switch the participation prize to an '88 Donruss card I blew my nose in or something.

I'm back in the middle of a flurry of trades (surprise!), but I'm up to date on everything I'm pulling for them (I think) and should hopefully have this batch just about wrapped up by the time the weekend's over.

I did another batch of rescans, to get my beautiful card scans out of those blurry screwdowns. Behold the awesome beaten-upness of my signed '69 Topps Hank Aaron the way Sy Berger intended you to see it! There's still a bunch that I need to get to, and some that actually look fine in the screwdowns, but I'm going to try to get as much done as possible in the coming weeks, because you guys deserve better than to have to look at lazy scans.
I've also got some new features a-brewin' over here (part of the reason for me freeing my scans from the bondage of their screwdowns) which I'll be unveiling in the not too distant future. 

Starting in February, I'll be doing a "Player Of The Month" feature, during which I talk about why I think the players in my 3858392014 player collections are so awesome, post and talk about some of my favorite cards by the players in question, and encourage you, the reader, to trade me a bunch of their cards! If you've got a lot of Bob Walk cards, this is probably your only chance to unload them, though he won't be my first Player Of The Month; he'll be featured sometime during the '11 season, though, because I love his Pirates broadcasts...oh, snaps! SPOILER ALERT! I'd start it sooner than February, but I think it'll be good for me to do something in my life that actually has a deadline, I think all of these players are worth a month of my time, and I also want to give each player a full month because I want people to focus on trading me a bunch of each player's stuff for as long as possible. Muhahahahaha.

I'm also going to finally start doing more set spotlights, similar to the '81 Topps sticker one I did a little ways back (I've already added the "Set Spotlight" tag to that post, so it doesn't get lost). Those won't be on a schedule, but they'll be happening somewhat regularly on sets I'm complete on and love (in other words, not '88 Donruss). Stay tuned!

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