Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sometimes, I need to post scans of totally unconnected cards from the '70s.

I am in the middle of The Great Trade Blizzard Of '11 over here, so I have way too much brain damage to form coherent thoughts at the moment. In lieu of me being insightful about something, here's some bubble gum cards!

Darrell Evans and Mary Poppins: separated at birth! Who knew?

I, like anyone who has a soul, have my fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery for the Killer. Nice guy, heck of a home run hitter by all accounts (before my time so I've seen very little if any footage), and he was one of my first autographs ever!

Vada Pinson just hit the crap out of a baseball.

So did Willie Horton.

This card of Catfish and the next one of Munson always make me think that the pictures were taken during the the telling of the best dirty joke ever told in a dugout.

Something else I've noticed about Munson's cards: I don't mean to set off a feeding frenzy, but I almost never see a Munson card in really great shape. They've always got rough corners, creases, they're faded, they're beaten up and some kid loved the hell out of them.

Don Baylor looks nervous here. I picture him saying, in the Droopy voice no less, "Oh, no! I hope that mean old pitcher doesn't hit me with the baseball again!"

Ken looks like he's really, really proud of finally having grown his sideburns out like George Foster's.

I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but this is one of my favorite rookie cards ever.

And today's final card, one of Dave Kingman. Kong's probably going to pick up the slack when I run out of Gorman Thomas cards to scan. I've got a 1980 Topps HR leaders card coming in a trade with both of those guys on it. That's up there with John Hiller and Mike Marshall on the same relief pitchers card, I think. Back to Kong, though. For a guy who has this huge, scary rep (the rat incident being a standout there, but there's some others), he sure is smiling on a lot of his cards, and not just the posed ones. On this one in particular, he's got this look on his face like "Oh, you rascal! You just threw me an Eephus pitch! You do know what I'm gonna do to that the next time you throw it, don't you?"

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