Monday, January 10, 2011

A Trade With Steve!

Last week, a guy named Steve, who (shockingly) doesn't have a card web site of any kind but has traded with a few of you (I think Bo has actually traded in-person with him if memory serves, and the Mooss did a deal with him a while back that eventually led to me getting some of Steve's Albert Belle cards) got ahold of me lookin' to trade. I do that sorta thing, so we came up with some lists, and away we went. My stuff got here today (thanks again), and here are a bunch of cards I liked or found innerestin' from the deal!

Who knew Ernie Whitt was ever this young? Yet another great dugout pic from the '81 set, which really has been criminally underrated for a long time by most of us, but seems to be gaining more fans by the day.

Being the colossal weirdo that I am, all I can think of when I look at this terrific pic of O-Dawg from this past year's Ginter set is a line from the epic film "Hamburger...The Motion Picture":


From wanton profanity to a card for the kids! I really, really dig this Gooden card. I got a Harold Baines card from the '92 Kids set in this deal too, but the Gooden, between the horizontal card and the great pic of Doc really shines. 3-D! 2-D, a Cubs uniform and originally, probably a package of Devil Dogs! Man, I haven't had Devil Dogs in ages. I need to go food shopping.

Normally, I really love the '08 Threads set, but this has gotta be the weirdest, least flattering card of poor Dale Murphy that I've ever seen. Hilariously so, in fact! He looks like he's trying to scare schoolchildren, or maybe find his box of Devil Dogs that the wife put on the top shelf, right after having Lasik surgery. What, you think a deeply religious guy like Murph wouldn't enjoy a Devil Dog?

On the other hand, regardless of how lousy silver foil scans, this Seaver card from the Vintage Legends set is AWESOME. Great pic, and while some may say that this card design's waaaaaaaay too new to be "vintage", it's one of my favorites.

The good: a Mike Scott card I didn't already own! (Fun fact: Mike Scott was the first player who I ever completed a run of base Topps cards on. Since then, somewhat recently, I've gotten Mark Fidrych, Graig Nettles and Lyman Bostock.)

The bad and the ugly: Topps thought it'd be a good idea to use their regular border design for the '90 Mini Leaders set. Actually, it looks way better on here than it does on the main set, but still...

This is a nice shot of Darryl, deep in thought, but it's still weird for me to see him or Doc on an Upper Deck card, regardless of how long they played into the Upper Deck era. These guys and Mattingly *were* the Big Three era. Mattingly's a little less weird to me on UD for some reason, but I have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around Strawberry or Gooden inside those white borders.

Another UD card, this one of Harold Baines practicing the Crane Technique. " me...sand a floor..." I was going to post another card of Bainesy doing his high leg kick recently, but this is a better shot, so I'm glad I waited. Criminal that he fell off the HOF ballot this year.

When the heck did Eric Davis sneak into a Tigers uniform? I totally forgot about this.

Even Dwight Evans looks confused and perturbed by it! Either that, or those damn kids are on his lawn again.

Julio's just happy to be here with all this fine lumber though, man. When's the last time you saw anyone look this happy in a Cleveland Indians uniform?

On the other hand, Jesse Barfield looks almost as sad to be in Yankee gear as Julio Franco is happy to be in Cleveland. I'm still loving '90 Fleer lately, for some totally inexplicable reason. I think it's because I never opened any of it.

Oh, and because Kent Hrbek just hit the bejeezus out of that ball, duck!

To round out this post, another picture of Pedro Guerrero looking really, really cool. Pedro was so cool, he even looked cool on an '88 Donruss card. Yes, I actually trade for '88 Donruss cards sometimes despite the set being the scourge of humanity. Somehow, don't ask me how, I missed a few cards of guys I like when I was still buying these cards.

This was a cool trade, came together quick and easy, and it was a nice mix of old and new, of guys I collect and some setbuilding work. Thanks again for the deal, Steve!


  1. Hey Steve

    Shoot me an email over at
    I was like you in that I didn't have a blog but was able to make some trades. Take a look at my trade archive on the right side. Not sure what you collect but I'm sure we can work out a trade.

  2. Shane, I'll be giving your lists a look, too. May at least have some '10 Heritage that you need.


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