Monday, January 17, 2011

Where Were They A Few Years Ago: Andy Etchebarren!

Remember this guy? Yep, the man with the best eyebrows this side of Wally Moon. Well, I looked at his Wikipedia entry this past week, and it jarred something loose from my memory. You see, I've got other, more recent cards of his!

Behold! Yeah, he's hiding 'em behind his shades, but this is the man himself, managing the Aberdeen Ironbirds circa 2005. I stopped at the complex in '09 on the way home from a Camden Yards road trip to look around, hit the gift shop and see if any Ripkens were lurking about. No luck on the latter, but I picked up the '06 and '07 Ironbirds team sets while I was there for a hoot, and at the time those cards were made, Andy was managing them! He'd already been let go from the team (hence this not being a true "Where Are They Now" kinda post), but I've got a few souvenirs from his days as a skipper on the Ripken complez. Here's another...

This shot gives you a little better look at the brows we've all come to know and love.

Andy Etchebarren is currently managing the York Revolution of the Atlantic League. Looks good in the pic of him on the coaching staff page! I'll have to try and get some ink from him at a Somerset Patriots game this year, if I can (along with ex-Yankee farmhand Matt DeSalvo, who's on the Revolution's roster).

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