Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Topps: Gettin' Pretty Close...(Update 02/12/11)

Only need 26 23 6 more cards than there are players on this card! (Person #10 in the shot is an ump.) 

Reprinted from my want list:
2011 Topps (15 to go!):

11 NL Wins Leaders (Halladay/Wainwright/Jimenez)
26 Neftali Feliz
42 Mariano Rivera
50 Alex Rodriguez
79 Kurt Suzuki
80 Desmond Jennings
95 Pedro Alvarez
118 Howie Kendrick
120 Mat Latos
123 Mike Lowell
175 Brennan Boesch
214 Chase Utley
233 Ramon Hernandez
280 Andrew Bailey
328 David Price

Not bad for a week and a half's work, when I've only bought 12 packs in total, raided my local's singles pile 3 times and raided another local favorite's singles pile once.

I really love that most of the Series 1 Padres cards, including the team card, feature shots taken when they were wearing their throwback duds.

They should just go back to these uniforms. It's what we all think of when we think of the Padres. Why live in denial? (Interestingly, this is 2 Topps sets in a row with cards of Yorvit rockin' the throwbacks.)

C'mon, Padres! Go for the gusto!

Chipper Jones: Male Prostitute. "I call this one 'The Snake'..."

This is probably my favorite Chipper card of all time. Granted, since the '90s, I've had a case of Irrational Sports Fan Hate for him, and he's usually referred to as "The Accursed One" among my circle of friends, so I haven't spent a lot of time looking at his cards.

Yeah, Braves fans, I said it. Please don't stop trading with me. Bip me if you must...

It's actually nothing personal against you guys or your team. I'm well past the Yanks/Braves rivalry of the late '90s, collect a good handful of other Bravos (Murph, Horner, Maddux and Smoltz), and I enjoy the hell out of quite a few of your web sites. Plus, at least you guys have a team you can root for with a clear conscience. Mine went away when the wrecking ball came down on the old Stadium, and keeps getting worse. Think of it this way: he's Jeter South, and he's a grown man who calls himself "Chipper" when Larry would do just fine. It works great for Larry Walker, doesn't it? Hopefully, in his retirement, he goes by "Larry" whenever possible. Moving on...

Man, I hope Moyer comes back successfully. Wouldn't it be something if the TJ surgery added 10 MPH to his fastball? He'd throw what, 70 then? He'd still make monkeys out of half the players in the league.

Kimball count: 8/50, with deals in the works for a few more if my Chipper rant doesn't get me blackballed in this here town. I love this set. It's purty.

(This card intentionally posted to aggravate Night Owl. Man, first the Braves, then the Yankees, now the Dodgers. I'm ornery tonight!)

Shiny count: 8/330, with deals in the works for a few more. This one's gonna take a little more doing than Kimball, but I figure we all have the rest of our lives to finish it, right? Some of the cards definitely make it worthwhile... this one of my man Konerko. Look at how awesome the grass and the dirt look!

They're pretty good on Greinke here, as well. I need to put effort into getting the shiny Shin-Soo Choo card, with that huge expanse of outfield grass on it. That's gotta be pretty awesome.

(You guys are still mad about Chipper, aren't you?)

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