Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Topps Part III: The Inserts!

Look, kids! Shiny!

Again, the scans don't do these cards justice, but the diamond-encrusted-lookin' inserts are AWESOME. I got 4 through my first 10 packs, this Dunn being my first (and man, it's great when you pull an insert of a guy you actually collect first), and I'll show you one more before moving onto the next type of insert.

Thorzul, normally I'd hook you up, but the diamond Braun looks so much cooler than the base Braun. It really is a great leap forward in the annals of shiny. I wonder how hard it'd be to put together the diamond set? Before I get myself into too much trouble thinking about it, let's move on...

This is dayf's new Favorite Card Of All Time.

This is the mini insert set du jour, Kimball Champions. Nothing amazing, but it's not bad, either. I got this one of Torii Hunter making a weird facial expression and a Mike Stanton out of 10 packs.

I think these are called "Diamond Gems", and along with Campy here, I got Carlos Gonzalez and a pair of Miguel Cabreras. Pretty cards, but I'm not entirely sure what their significance is, beyond being pretty.

This year's mutant offshoot of Cards Your Mom Threw Out is the 60 Years Of Topps top 60 set, and the mutant offshoot of that set is a set called "The Lost Cards", which are cards that should've made it into the Topps sets over the years, but didn't. Stan "The Man" is actually on 4 out of 10 of these cards in Series 1, probably because he's signing on-card for Topps this year, but at the very least, font miscues notwithstanding, this is a good looking card.

This friggin' guy. This is part of a reprint set done in conjunction with CMG (who handle the estates of a bunch of deceased players), and is maybe the first reprint done of the 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth card. It's the first one I've ever seen, anyway. Nice looking card. If you look through the checklist, the set's a mix of cards we've seen reprinted to death, and cards like this one. Hit and miss, but I do like this card, and the 1921 National Caramel George Sisler I got doesn't suck, either.

Oh noes! Toppstown! As of this writing, the Toppstown codes for '11 weren't working yet, but I'm ready for when they are. Strangely enough, though the code cards are uncluttered and nice looking (codes are printed on the back now), after playing a bunch of online Attax, I kinda wish the Toppstown cards in Series 1 had Attax stats on them. Attax isn't getting shelved as far as I know, so I think it was just a matter of them wanting to keep the cards clean looking out of the gate. I'd still really liked to see Aroldis Chapman's fastball stats in Attax, though! Hopefully the '11 Toppstown online cards have Attax stats on them.

And finally, while we're talking about non-functioning code sites, here's my first Diamond Giveaway code card. This is what they're doing in place of the MCG this year. (Come to think of it, while Topps' rules say that the unclaimed MCG stuff is going to charity, why wouldn't they just roll it over to the '11 promotion and re-issue it? Did they get another million cards to give away?) Again, as of this afternoon, wasn't active yet (it had a "coming soon" page up then, and it's got an "under construction" page up right now; remember those?), but that could change any minute. Imma win a ring!

To give you an idea of the breakdown on inserts, out of 120 total cards, I got 34 inserts (including a couple different types that I stiffed you guys on, including the Topps 60 Of All Time and, confusingly, another set called Topps 60). Them's a lot of inserts, but the quality of said inserts, for the most part, isn't too bad. I had fun looking at all the different stuff they threw in with my base cards, rather than just groaning as I found more. I may have a go at the Toppstown cards (I'm 20% done already), and those supershiny diamond cards are gonna be mighty tough not to be ridiculous about. All in all, today was a very good first day of the '11 collecting season, way better than '10. I'm cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless.


  1. Hey man if aren't too attached to that CarGo insert maybe we could add it to our trade. Actually any spare Rockies from '11 would work cause I am not going to be buying the base box this year.

  2. I have almost no CarGo right now, so I may hold onto that one. Anyone in the audience pull a spare CarGo for our pal the Rockies fan here?

    Speaking of, while I was at the card shop, a Tulowitzki auto came out of the box they were breaking. Nice card. When I know what they're pricing it at, I'll let you know.


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