Saturday, February 5, 2011

The $5 Challenge: Card 2 (Screw it, I was born to break the rules!)

I'm having too much fun bargain hunting (and bankrupting myself by tiny increments), so we'll continue despite Mr. Sheen's card and some other fun I've gotten into which I'll detail in a later post (Ooh, spooky!). This card is a promo card of Nomah for MLB '99 for Playstation 1, printed by Donruss in 1998. Despite not being a Nomah collector, I picked this one for three reasons:

1. It exists at the intersection of two of my hobbies (cards and video games, though the video game hobby's pretty dormant these days, relatively speaking).

2. If I decide that I don't want it, there's probably a Red Sox collector out there somewhere who will.

3. Oddball stuff is cool.

Total price: $.25 shipped.

Remaining funds: $3.95

Total time remaining: 23 days

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