Friday, February 11, 2011

The $5 Challenge: Card 6

The card: 2001 Just Minors Justin Morneau RC. Amazingly, the big guy doesn't have a lot of rookie cards, which is almost unheard of in his era. There's this one (and a gold parallel), Topps Traded/Chrome Traded, the Bowman card, a Bowman auto and an UD minor league card, and that's it if I'm not mistaken. 7 isn't exactly 1, but it's not 1/1 Superfractor madness, either.

Total cost including shipping: $1.51. About half of what it goes for on COMC and elsewhere on eBay, but I still went nuts here. No self-discipline, I tells ya! So worth it, though.

Remaining funds: $.42 (Wow, I'm so screwed. Again. Still no numbered/parallel/signed/relic cards, either!)

Remaining time: 17 days

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  1. Hey, I've got that card and the gold version. Now I know how much they're worth!


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