Sunday, February 13, 2011

The $5 Challenge: Card 7

A controversial one here, since it's technically from the junk wax era, but really, how often do you run into these?

The card: 1990 SCD Price Guide Monthly insert Tony Gwynn
Total cost including shipping: $.22
Remaining funds: $.21 (Ouch.)
Remaining time: 15 days

It's looking more and more likely that The $5 Challenge will totally, cruelly and horribly defeat me this month, so I went a little higher than I wanted to for a cool card. How is it that SCD did a better job on the '57 Topps fonts than Topps has? I always wonder that when I see Topps repro and retro-style stuff with font issues. You'd think Topps would have exact matches for all of this stuff. At any rate, this is a nice lookin' Tony Gwynn card, even for someone not actively collecting Tony's cards. Tony's been fighting the big C lately, so some get well wishes go out to him, while we're talking about him!

Also: in my frenzy last week that yielded me Cards 4 and 5, I realized that I double-PayPal-invoiced the seller, who is also the seller of this card. Apologies to them for that, and for not giving them 47 million dollars for this fine card (I am bargain-hunting, after all), but as a means of making amends, I direct you all to their eBay listings. There's a bunch of cool cards of players I know some of you collect, and everything they have listed has free shipping! I've also invited them to talk about their business with us, which hopefully they'll take me up on. 

Pro tip for the rest of you in the meantime: be sure you're looking at who's selling the bargain cards to you, and if at all possible, pay for multiple items at the same time.

How am I going to get 3 cards, 2 of which have to be numbered/signed/relics/parallels, for $.21 shipped? Stay tuned to find out!

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