Sunday, February 13, 2011

Card Shops I Should Not Be Permitted To Visit: The Backstop

This afternoon, after totally whiffing on '11 Topps singles at another card shop near my girlfriend's house that shall remain nameless (What kinda card shop doesn't even open one box of base Topps when it comes out?), I decided to take a run down to The Backstop in Toms River, NJ (Warning: auto-starting web video show with awesome theme song at site), which I've talked about before. I snuck in right under the wire as it was close to closing time, but I wasn't rushed at all, and as always, I got great deals (I would've spent way more at a big box store, and I got much cooler stuff here) and had a great time going through cards and shooting the breeze with Dr. Wax. Yes, the owner calls himself "Dr. Wax". That's how awesome this place is. Here are some of the trophies from this run:

I've wanted this card for a really, really long time, and I don't even mind that there's a slight printing error that makes it look like Donnie's been irradiated. Now, to get that damn pesky Donruss Mattingly for the rookie trifecta.

Hanley takes a nice picture, doesn't he? Interestingly, this '03 Just Minors Just Stars card of him is not all that it seems on the front. Behold!

It's a tough thing to read in the scan, but the card's a prototype, with "test design" stamped across the card (slightly obscuring the word "Prototype" in the scan). No, I have no idea what it's worth either, but it's my oldest Hanley Ramirez card now.

Ha, a short-print '07 Goudey! I just don't run into enough of these in the wild. Plus, it's Reggie. Plus, it's an awesomely goofy Reggie card.

2nd year Gossage. Looks like he was just starting to perfect looking scary on a pitcher's mound. I put a few dents in my '70s-'80s Yankee player collections...

...including a few Dents. Can you believe I didn't have the Topps version of this card yet? There's a few ridiculously common Yankee stars from '78-'79 that I never really bothered to pick up because I was too focused on the Burger King versions (another one in a minute), but I'm cracking away on them when I can now, because I'm trying to nail down as many complete base Topps runs in my player collections as I can. I said a few Dents though, didn't I?

Ah yes. It's a '78 SSPC Dent! I'm always happy to snag some SSPC/TCMA goods.

I didn't stop there, though, as this Roger Maris card from the TCMA "The '60s" set was just laying around, waiting for me to buy it. I swear, from looking at this post so far, Hanley excluded, you'd think I'm a Yankee fan or something.

There, that's better. The Duke Of Flatbush visits Flushing! Another one from the "The '60s" run, though this one's from Series 2. One day, I'll run into a monster stash of the TCMA stuff and never be heard from again.

Who remembers how I said I was wearing off '10 Chrome goods? Well, I think I meant "excluding these Best Of Chrome" cards that Topps put in those "Best Of Chrome" boxes in what can only be described as an act of sheer skullduggery, if I ever run into them as singles". I found Jackie, I grabbed it. I'll live with the Pringling, because this really is an awesome looking card. Will I do the same when I run into the others, particularly the Strasburgularfractor? Like Asia said, "Only time will tell..."

Oh yeah, I was posting Yankees, wasn't I? This is a nice one of my current Player Of The Month, Bernie Williams. Bernie looks pissed here. I'd hate to be that baseball.

Back to some older Yankees, here's a '76 Glenn Piniella card. Seriously, check out them lamb chops! Lou's got some 'BURNS there. Great close-up shot, though. '76 is growing on me. Damn it.

Here's the other obscenely common '78-'79 era card I was talking about. '78 Ron Guidry. This one was double-printed, and I still didn't have it. Thankfully, there was literally a stack of them, probably about 50 cards high, at the store.

Wait, I went to the card store for a reason, didn't I? Hang on, let me think of it...once I get past thinking about how young Buster Posey looks. Dude looks like he's 12 or something. It's weird. OK, I think it's coming to me...wait a second...

ZOMGSTRASBURGULAR!!!1111 Oh yeah. I was looking to see if I could round out '11 Series 1. I got 17 more that I needed, a little more than halfway through the remaining cards on my list (which are now in the sidebar; hook a brother up, won't you?), picking off a few of the cards people typically charge a premium for like Posey, the Strasburgular here, the A-Rod 600 HR card (that I didn't feel like scanning, because it's A-Rod) and this guy...


Last card of the day. Ben Revere don't need no billion dollar contract. He's just really happy he hit the friggin' ball. "LOOK, MA! I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!"

Shots like these are great for reminding me how much fun baseball can be, which is tough at times when you've just posted a whole mess of cards from a team that TORE DOWN THAT BEAUTIFUL STADIUM.

But I'm not bitter.

Nah, I couldn't be. Look at all this loot!

Seriously, if you're in the area, hit The Backstop, They constantly have new stuff coming in (part of why I'm not totally sitting on the location of the place; that and, like I said, Dr. Wax is good people), and the store is just plain awesome. They're also doing a card show at the East Dover First Aid Dept. (530 Garfield Ave. in Toms River, NJ) on April 10th from 9 AM-3 PM, which I'm looking forward to hitting.


  1. Hello there. I'm new around here but I should be able to help with a few of your 2011 needs. However, I'm sure you'll probably have dozens of others offering before the day is over.

    I'm out today but plan to post my wants/needs for 2010/2011 tonight. I'm pretty close with 2011 Series 1 but have a lot of 2010 gaps, fyi.

    Have a great day!

  2. First off, welcome aboard!

    I see 5 cards I need on your trade list, one of which (233 Ramon Hernandez) I do have pending in another deal. 42, 118, 123 and 280, I do need, though.

    At first glance, I've got 230, 296, 313 and 329 from your 2011 wants, but I'm pretty spent on 2010s aside from Update.

    My full trade list is here.

    Drop me an email and we can talk a little more.


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