Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cards From The Quarry: The Trade!

Took me a little while to get to this one too, because I got buried by packages last week. Not too long ago, a Mr. hiflew posted about some numbered cards and inserts I was interested in, and when I contacted him about them, he told me that he'd pre-emptively been putting aside stuff for me, in preparation for a trade he was going to offer me! He's psychic, ladies and gentlemen, and he's a Rockies fan! This here Adam Dunn mini was one of the cards I was interested in, but we'll also take a look at what he threw aside for me before he even knew there was a trade happening, too.

Let's start that part of things off with a pair of blurry, slack-ass '82 Fleers. Moose Haas is awesome. That's all you need to know here.

Completing the poor posture blurry '82 Fleer exacta is this Dave Righetti rookie. I dunno about you guys, folks, but I think they should've made a movie about Righetti's life with Judge Reinhold playing Rags. Serious resemblance!

No slackin' off here! Good ol' Dan Quisenberry's got the situation well in hand in his b-boy stance, and the printing and photography got a lot better at Fleer by '86.

Back to the numbered, inserty kinda stuff, and this card of Fly Eli! Baseball's gonna miss this guy more than they realize. Maybe not for the right reasons, but they will! I got 5 other gold cards in the deal, but this Dukes is by far the best of the bunch.

I'm not entirely sure what Willie Randolph is doing here, but man, does he look badass doing it.

Speaking of badass...

Here's another one of those weird, late-period Goose cards with him in the funny uniforms. I still wouldn't want to be whoever he was pitching to here.

I had this one in the set that Bo traded me, but it's nice to have an extra in the player collection, at least for now. (I'm definitely weighing the pros and cons on that sorta thing.) I'm surprised by the fact that I'm missing any base Topps Guidry, but I am, still need '79 and '83 as of this writing. This one's from the end of Guidry's career, and for some reason, this card reminds me of the last scene of "The Wrestler" a bunch. Gator's still in better shape than Randy The Ram was, but there's something about a moment frozen in time...

Last card for this post! Slide, Bip, SLIDE!!!! I got a lot of Bips in this deal, something like 11. I wouldn't call it a Bipping, because he's on the want list now, but yeah, definitely some serious Bippage. Still no Sombrero Bip, sadly. Hook me up, universe!

Thanks again for the trade, hiflew!

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