Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cards I Froze My Ass Off For At The Flea Market Last Sunday

26 degrees. A wind that absolutely killed.

While I was rifling through albums and boxes, I asked the dealer, "Should I put my gloves on, and lose all coordination in my hands, or leave them off and lose all feeling in my hands?"

Thankfully, there was a positive ending to all of my self-induced hardship.


Yep, I put a nice dent in the '91 Dream Team subset (7 cards I needed, in total), not long after deciding that some of the cards in this set were simultaneously way too awesome and way too ridiculous not to own.

What was with '91 Score and shirtless dudes? You had Canseco, Puckett and Henderson in the same 13 card run!

Will Clark wasn't havin' it, though. He put on extra clothes, in fact.

Dave Stewart looks just plain awesome here. I also got Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Larkin, but, while decent photography, those are pretty standard uniform shots, so I'll spare you all. I still need Frank Viola, Wade Boggs, Randy Myers and Roberto Alomar to finish off the set (so I can move onto the '90 Dream Team, which was badass in a completely different way), so if you've got 'em, let's talk trade!

Of course, I wasn't done after just freezing to death for '91 inserts. I also had 1979 Dwight Evans looking at me disdainfully for standing out in the cold to buy cheap bubble gum cards!

My pal Rick Cerone looked pretty disgusted, too. "What's wrong with that guy? His hands are turning purple, and he's looking through card albums!" Actually, it could also be that Nick Esasky just laid one....

...or was it the Oil Can?

'81 Topps: best dugout photography ever. Every time I think I've found all the awesome dugout pictures, another one, like this Paul Molitor, shows up.

Scored a couple '06 Ginters, too! This is a great shot of the Killer.

This Utley ain't too bad, neither.

Whoa, where'd you come from, 1970 Jerry Koosman World Series card? *yoink!*

And finally, good 'ol Gil Hodges. I really love this Swell Gum set. Only have a few of these (Ted Williams and a signed Jim Bouton-on-the-Pilots are the others), but every one I've seen is terrific.

So, I froze my ass off, sure, but I got all these great cards and a couple more for the grand total of $3.


  1. Man, flea markets are the sickest.

  2. That they are.

    I've spent a lot of the past 2 decades at one or another. While some of them have taken a royal beating here in NJ (fewer shoppers because of the economy plus people thinking everything they own is gold or selling it all on eBay=hard times for some flea markets), there's still some good stuff to be had at some of 'em.


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