Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heartbreaking Cards: The Trade!

A little ways back, I was perusing the want list of Matt, who runs the excellent site Heartbreaking Cards Of Staggering Genius, and I noticed that he was collecting Seattle Pilots cards. As I'd just gotten a whole mess of Pilots doubles (how weird is that?) via 2 different eBay lots which brought me pretty close to completing the base Topps Pilots set, I gave him a buzz to see if he'd be interested in what I had. We figured out which cards he needed (and I found some Packers, Bucks and other miscellany he also needed), and while it took Matt some time to dig out cards for me, the stuff he pulled for me was nothing short of amazing.

See what I mean? Bo freakin' Belinsky! This is my first of Bo's cards (I'm interested in getting all his Angel cards, given the infamy of his tenure there, though the '62 rookie's gonna cost me, because he shares the card with some dude named Bouton who wrote a book...), and it's a beaut.

But wait! There's more fun from the '60s! John Hiller rookie card! I didn't know who John was until about a year or so ago, when doing some research on all-time great relief pitchers. He was indeed an all-time great in my book, and his story is movie material.

Moving on to the '70s, here's a Willie Wilson rookie! I love this guy.

This guy's pretty cool, too. I was stunned when Matt was like "I have a Donruss Boggs rookie for you..." in with the other stuff he was pulling. It's not that it's a hugely expensive card or that hard to come by online, but I never see them locally, and it's a Wade Boggs rookie, the last of the "big 3" Boggs rookies I needed!

Skipping ahead a couple decades, we have a Wade Davis rookie! The early results haven't been world-beating yet, but I think this kid's a great pitcher with a really bright future ahead of him, like damn near anyone with a throwing arm in the Rays org. For those keeping score, I'm pretty sure that this is the first time I've ever traded for cards of two different guys named "Wade" in the same deal. Sorry, Wade Rowdon fans, no cards to show you this time.

Matt still wasn't done with me, though. He got into my f00'ball list, and not only did he throw me Doug Flutie's first NFL card...

...but he also gave me the first NFL card of The Big Lion Who Kills People! He must really like the Seattle Pilots, as we all should! Thing is, Matt still wasn't done.

See this? Yeah, it's a little odd, because it's solid white (either California Angels, some late Oakland uniform I'm blanking on or something else totally weird), but it's a Reggie Jackson relic card. When I told him about the Packers and Bucks stuff I had for him (a Paul Coffman rookie, a Lofton card and some other business, including the Danny Schayes cards I profiled a few weeks ago), he had me pick this out of a couple relic cards he had on hand. Wow. Just...wow.

Oh yeah. 

He sent me this too. 

Yes, that is indeed a Bo Jackson relic card. 

Can you believe this friggin' guy? Matt, you absolutely spoiled me on this deal! I can only hope that the stuff I sent you brought you a fraction of this kinda joy.

People, go to Matt's awesome site, Heartbreaking Cards Of Staggering Genius! Read it! Follow it! Go through his want lists and hook him up like no tomorrow! Go on! Mao! Diddy mao!

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