Saturday, February 26, 2011

I spent way too much time (but not that much money) galavanting this weekend...

...but I did pretty good, eh? Yep, in addition to the autographed "Toe" Nash card in the last post, I joined the People Who Own Cards Of That Guy With The Awesome Unibrow Club today, finally. This was found at a card shop I'd never been to before, along with some other stuff I'll get to in a minute. First, let's address the second flea market I went to today.

I got there late, and most of the joint was deserted, but I found one dealer outside with enough cheap cards for me to dig around in.

Kong was the main course at this guy's stand. This card isn't in as good shape as I thought it was on first glance, but screw it, it was cheap and it's AWESOME, like "almost as awesome as the Garvey from this set" awesome.

I snagged a '77 Kong too (along with a '75 and an '82 Diamond King). Kong looks like he's thinking "Oh. That's gonna hurt something when it lands."

In other "guys who could hit the bejeezus out of a baseball" news, I got a '93 Flair Bo! I think Fleer really halfassed it with this line after '93, but '93 is one of the all-time great sets, and a total groundbreaker (whether you're happy that said ground was broken or not). Gorgeous cards. I'll be slowly working on this set until I either turn 90 or find a complete set when I'm feeling wealthy one day.

More Bo, and a decision I've made: outside of the Sport Royalty cards and presidents, which look great no matter what, I'll only be collecting the minis of '08 and '09 Goudey from now on. Yeah, it'll be harder, but I was so mad when they went to standard card size for the base in '08, and getting a mini takes the sting out of it. It'll be much, much harder, but that's fine. I've got a bunch of base from both '08 and '09 that I'll hopefully be able to flip as part of deals for minis (I'll take 'em if you got 'em!).

Oisk! This is my first of those weird Topps throwback cards, and it's an interesting 'un. The card's colorized and poor Carl looks more 2-D on it than he should. Still, love the '05 design, and there probably aren't a lot of these out there.

Another bunch of crazy, over the top, high-falootin' sets I've been getting more serious about are the EX sets Fleer and Skybox put out. They're ridiculously over the top in terms of production values, and designed by someone who REALLY loved Quark Express, but there's something about all that tackiness that I'm finding endearing these days, so I was happy to find another card of February 2011 Player Of The Month c'mon you guys the month's almost over from the '03 set.

I forgot a stop from earlier in the weekend, though! Ha, let me get all non-linear on you guys and talk about Friday at Target for a second before we go to the card shop I got the Moon card at. Rather than buying more '11 product just for the inserts, I grabbed a repack deal with those omnipresent Goodwins in it. It wasn't amazing stuff, but a few cool pieces came out of it.

OK, credit where credit's due: the Jordan Goodwin mini was a really cool card to pull.

I don't collect the guy's stuff, but of the cards you can pull out of '07 Fleer Ultra, you can do worse than Albert, I suppose. I've got some OK cards of his (no rookies/autos/relics, but some '02-'03 stuff), and I've been on the fence for a while as to whether I'm going to try and flip them for cards of players I like more than him or not. He's been great for my fantasy team in my keeper league, don't get me wrong, but if you guys are Pu-Rod collectors, ask me for a list of what I have and make offers accordingly. I might be willing to part with some stuff.

I also got another one of those OH LORD JESUS CHRIST I'M TRIPPING rookie cards in the Ultra pack, this one of Okajima.

This was the Bowman Draft contribution to the pack.

And since pack #4 in these is always '07 Topps Series 2, this card of Junior showed up. It's up for grabs. I'm way more of a Junior on the M's card fan than a Junior on the Reds guy. That Reds uni added 10 years to his age as soon as he put it on. If you disagree and wanna trade for some stuff, get ahold of me, same deal as the Pujols cards.

OK, back to the card shop! Why didn't you guys tell me that '09 Sweet Spot base looked this cool? Also: why does Hanley look like he's pitching out of the stretch here? You're a shortstop, broski!

You look weird, Killer! Another '07 Goudey short print off my checklist, though!

No idea how I didn't have this card...

...or this one, but as I've mentioned, '83 is probably my weakest set of its era.

OMG Ginter-Bomb coming! Wait for it...wait for it...


That Hamilton card is actually my first Ginter of his. No idea how I didn't have the Vlad already, either, save for that I had ROTTEN luck opening packs of Ginter this year. I opened a bunch of loose packs and I think two blasters, and I was underwhelmed by the results. Let's not dwell on that, though.

Instead, here's some Bernie mini action from the same set as that "Toe" Nash. It feels, in a lot of ways, like Bernie was gone before the rise of tobacco card-sized minis, so it was good to snag this one. That's the last noteworthy card I had in the stack (there were a bunch of others, but none of them jumped out at me as great examples of visual cardsmanship), so let's go backwards again, and wrap this thing up with another look at that Wally Moon card!

Ahhh. That's the stuff, right there.

I'll definitely be going back to that card shop when I have more time and money, as I passed on a lot of stuff I can actually use due to time constraints and not wanting to blow a million dollars on cards.

P.S. Everything I posted here cost less than a blaster of just about anything at full retail.

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