Friday, February 18, 2011

Long Overdue Thank You/Show-Off Post: 2010 Bowman Draft Edition

So, back about a month-ish ago, a site called The Card Investor did a giveaway where they gave out complete sets to folks who offered them constructive criticism on their site. No joke, complete sets! (Which one of you ended up with the 2008 Donruss Threads set, by the way? I have teh envy.) I got the Prospects section of the 2010 Bowman Draft set, #1-110, just for tellin' the feller that chicks dig logos, and to stay the course. He definitely writes way more about the financial end of the hobby, unlike most of us dirty commies, but it's a good read and I'm enjoying reading his C-Note Project in tandem with my writing about The $5 Challenge (along with reading of hiflew's attempts). Sanders, if you're reading this, thanks again for the set, sorry it took me so long to get to thanking you here (though I definitely did it via email, so I wasn't totally without manners) and I hope my advice did help! Now, here's some highlights from the set.


I like Ike. No, really, I do. Every once in a blue moon, the Mets develop a player that's actually likeable, and I think he's one. I think he's also gonna get way better than he already is. I will soon admit defeat and add him to the list of players I collect...

...along with this cat, though he still doesn't look old enough to ride most of the rides at Six Flags. Brian Wilson should talk to him about growing a beard.

Here's the Phils' only hope for not losing a lot of 1-0 games this year, barring a huge rebound by their infield. I saw Domonic Brown in Lakewood a few years ago, but to be honest, I don't remember a lot about him, beyond that people were high on him even then. (Now Anthony Gose, who's in the Toronto system now...him, I could write a book about...) Mmm, it's almost time for the BlueClaws to start playing, not too far from where I am sometimes. Can't wait.

Finally, my favorite card of the set, even if my copy's just a little miscut. Welington Castillo goes damn near the full Sanguillen here. Slacking as I have been on keeping up with farm systems these days, I don't know a lot about the kid, but I'll be rooting for him to succeed just because of this card.


  1. Appreciate the shout out. Haven't done much with all the feedback I got yet, but it was all definitely useful. Also, just a small correction, the set you got looks to be the base set of the 2010 Bowman Draft product, not the prospect set.

  2. Ha, wasn't sure. It'd seem to me that in a Draft Picks and Prospects set, anyone that isn't a draft pick is a prospect, but I'm not always up on what you young whippersnappers call your Bowman sets these days. Thanks again, regardless of whatever the hell it's called!

  3. I like Ike, too! (I just love saying that. Eisenhower was one of my favorite presidents.


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