Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monster 200 Count Box Of Crazy Free Awesomeness From moremonkeys138!

Back in January, there was this here post over at Crinkly Wrappers, offering to give a free, somewhat random 200 count box assortment of Topps cards to whoever posted first, requesting it. I got lucky enough to get my request in, as did Smed, who got the Upper Deck one offered, and last week, it showed up. Boy, did it show up. Look above this paragraph, as John Odom gives us the first sign of the awesomeness that came from within the 200 count box!

Boy, it sure is spooky in the stadium tonight, Adrian! This (along with one or two others that made it into the box) is the first of those Wal-Mart black variations I've gotten. Such weird cards. It's like the world got turned inside out on poor A-Gon.

Don't ask me why, never really liked the cat, but I think this is a really well put-together card of Mr. Bonds.

Awesome reprint, on great card stock. I still don't have a Curt Flood card listing him as a member of a team he really played any substantial amount of games for, but I've only got 2 so far, so that's not exactly a stretch.

Your eyes do not deceive you. On this 1994 Topps card, Kenny Lofton is called "Ken Lofton". Why is that? I know I've seen the card with "Kenny" on it!

Ahhh, yes. That'd explain it! Cool card. Weird font for the player name on the back, too!

Man, that's awkward lookin'.

Hey, remember when this card was hot shit? Nah, me neither.

GOMES! But wait. It's not Jonny. It's Joey Gomes! As of last season, Jonny's older brother was kickin' around the Northern League, but he never made it to the show.

Cool, a '77 I didn't have. Those '76 Padres jersey look like bootlegs or something. Nice handlebar 'stache, Dave!

It's one of them crazy X-Fractor things I totally don't understand! This one's available, Cardinals fans!

Damion Easley IS the D.R.I. man! Going to see them next weekend.

And finally for real this time (I finished this post initially without two must-add cards, so I had to come back to it), here's a nice, classy-lookin' Turkey Red card of Smilin' Mo.

This stuff was just the tip of the iceberg of coolness that was in a little 200 count box. I had a ton of fun going through it, there was a bunch of stuff I needed, and free stuff's pretty much always cool. Thanks again to moremonkeys138 over at Crinkly Wrappers for this, and for sending me a bunch of other cool stuff in yet another package. Oh, one more thing. If you hadn't heard yet, moremonkeys138 is INSANE. He's giving away 3, count 'em, 3 sets of cards. What kinda sets, you may ask? Well, in each set will be 1 of each Topps card from 1952-2011! It's sort of his version of the Topps 60 thing (give or take a '51 card). Awesome, awesome contest which you pretty much have to enter if you haven't. He's picking the winner tomorrow (Monday, 02/21/11), so get in on it NAO!

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