Friday, February 18, 2011

My Lucky Gil Hodges Card

This is my lucky Gil Hodges card. It's one of those reprint cards with the sweepstakes entry form on the back of it from the '89 Bowman set. It's a little roughed up, but it means well. I got it in one of a few big lots of cards that I picked up a number of years ago at garage sales and flea markets (I'm not entirely sure which one had the '89 Bowman stuff in it anymore), and it's been sorta floating around ever since. For a while, it was being used as a divider in one of my card boxes, but it's moved out of grunt duty like that into being treated like a full-time baseball card. It currently lives in a toploader that rests on one of those plastic baseball card stands, in front of the external hard drives on my desk.

Why is it "lucky"? I honestly don't know if it is, but I like calling it that. As I've been sorting and cataloguing, moving things from box to box, Gil kept popping up, and I just started calling it "my lucky Gil Hodges card" from there for some reason. I plan on keeping it around a while.

Do any of you have one particular card that, while not of any serious collectible value, has found a soft spot in your heart and ends up on display as if it were the most important card ever printed?

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