Saturday, February 19, 2011

No relation to the Griswolds...

Back in '86, when the rookie craze was really just starting to latch onto people, there lived this guy named Wally Joyner, who was sorta supposed to be the other big name of the year, next to Jose Canseco. Wally went to Brigham Young University, and somehow, BYU decided to cash in on his early success in the majors by releasing an entire 14 card series of cards of Wally Joyner, telling the story of his time in college. Unsurprisingly, I own this set. Folks, would you like me to post them all in order, complete with transcriptions of the backs? I think there are some who'd love to know about Wally's time in school. While you mull it over, feast your eyes upon the other Wally-related set that BYU released that year, featuring Mr. Joyner and some other famous alumni...

Our hero.

BYU's least favorite, but among their most successful alums, Jim McMahon.

Steve Young. This fella keeps showing up lately.

And, of course, Danny Ainge.

So, how about it? Who wants to hear the epic tale of Wally Joyner?

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