Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OK, back to 2011! Part II: The Base Cards!

I liked the first 5 packs I bought so much that I ended up getting 5 more, since I was, you know, in (a second) Target (in the same day) anyway (JUNKIE JUNKIE JUNKIE). 

For those of you who haven't seen all of this stuff on 100 other sites or all over eBay by now, here are the goods! 

It wouldn't be a Topps product without Mantle showing up, so let's get 'em over with. He was really, really good at diving back to bases, wasn't he? I saw the play in Game 7 of the '60 Series when it aired on MLB in December, but this doesn't look like it, so this must be another one where he got back to the base in some completely impossible way.

Choooooooo! I chose this card because man, that's a lot of green behind him!

Always good to get one of your PC guys out of the way early. Konerko's the man. I get the shakes when I think about the 2011 White Sox lineup, with him, Dunn, Rios, Alexei and those other dudes. If they get the pitching they need and stay healthy, they're going to have a crazy year.

w00000 I gots an Inge early, too! I barely have any of this guy's cards. Send help!

Heeeeeeeeere's Miltie! I keep pulling for him to get it together, but he's still having a lot of trouble doing it. He looks pretty cool with the Screen Of Product Placement Doom behind him here, though.

Apparently, Buck Showalter's been reading the Necronomicon again.

20 years from now, our kids will be talking about this card as being "the card" from this set. They'll also be complaining about its inclusion in Cards Your Mom Threw Out in 2011 Series 2.



No, wait, Super Omar! I wonder if he knows that the ball's going to take a bad hop off that White Sox logo? I keed, I keed. In all seriousness, I was really pleasantly surprised at how well the 2011 base card design came off. I don't think scans do it justice, alas, but it looks really high end and really, really shiny. It won me over immediately, and this was with me hating the sell sheet.

Folks, this is probably the last base card we'll see of Trevor Hoffman. Heck of a career, Trev. Hats off to you!

I got some doubles in my 10 packs, but not many. If you need: 72 127 203 322 329 RDT-15

...I'm your guy.

I'm definitely building the set m'self, as it's a really pleasant surprise! I'm 81 cards into base already, but I'm not going to make a serious attempt at trading for '11 base cards until I've hit my local's stash of '11 singles and cracked a few more packs. (That should be in about 12 hours.) Inserts are another story, those are always welcome. When I start running into doubles more frequently, we'll get to work on incoming '11 base card fun!

Coming up in a minute (just trying to break up the 20 cards-per-post habit a bit), the inserts!

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