Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Post About Cards That Are More Than A Week Old

All kidding and kvetching aside, I think it's awesome that Topps put out a product that we're excited enough about to make each other sick of it. Seriously, hats off to Topps, nice comeback after last year's various debacles. Now keep up the pace, guys!
Like I said, though, we're gonna talk about older cards tonight! I stopped at a card store near me that I don't visit too often (just works out that way) and went through their quarter box for a bit. I pulled a buck's worth of cards, including this sweet card of my man Vladimir (who's gonna look great in an Oriole uniform). I liked at least '01 and '02 Fleer Platinum a bunch, too, so this was a no-brainer. I got another '01 Platinum card from the box, but we'll get to that in a bit.

First, Mo! At this point, because of all of the buffoonery in the Bronx, Mo's the only player left there that I really love. I have a bunch of SP Authentic stuff from this time period, but unfortunately, this card wasn't in there. Easy fix, though! Always happy to see more Mo in the collection.

Remember me saying a paragraph ago that I'd show you guys the other Fleer Platinum card I got? 
Well, you're lookin' at it. 
Mark Buehrle's all "Can't you see I'm loco?" in this shot. Immediately upon seeing it, this card became my favorite card of one of my favorite active players. There've been some rumblings about Buehrle retiring way earlier than one would think (he's supposedly thinking about doing it after this season's up), which would be a shame because I think he's a terrific, eventually-Hall-worthy pitcher, but there's no way he gets in with his career totals being so low, even with the ring and the 2 no-nos. (For those keeping score, that's 1 more World Series ring than Roy Halladay has. I love Doc too, but yeah.) I think I'm going to move to Cooperstown and open the Baseball Hall Of Screw You, My Museum's Cooler down the street from the HOF anyway, which would solve that, but, regardless, I'd like to see Buehrle keep pitching for as long as he can do it well and happily.

Finally...and the word "finally" is very appropriate here...


I've wanted one of this guy's cards since the '06 World Baseball Classic, but never ran into one locally and didn't want to pay $3 in shipping for what's considered a "common" card pricewise. You and I know, dear readers, that this card is anything but "common", but it's still important to exercise good fiscal sense when acquiring cards of guys from Canada with really freakin' awesome names.


  1. Stubby Clapp belongs in coaching, sort of like Rac Slider, Cot Deal, and Moose Stubing.


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