Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Round-Up For 02/13/11!

First off, thanks to everyone for making this the site's busiest weekend to date (and it's barely Sunday)!

Now, onto what people are doing on other sites...

First off, is anyone else absolutely dying to see what dayf got at the card show? I'm expecting some crazy non-sports thing with Robocop on a unicorn battling a chupacabra-riding Art Carney or something. Actually, I don't know if that counts as non-sports, but yeah.

Second, in addition to some really, great touching Chuck Tanner stories (sorry for your loss, Keith, and for baseball's...Chuck sounds like he was a class act...) which also offer some interesting insight on the SSPC days, Keith Olbermann has posted a picture of an uncut sheet of 2011 Heritage refractors over on Baseball Nerd. My early impressions are great ones. Again, the set looks way better than I was expecting it to. I was sorta lukewarm on '62 redux until I saw the sell sheet, and now a nice assortment of the pictures on the uncut refractor sheet. Topps is probably going to overprint everything to high hell this year (and recent eBay time leads me to believe that people have also overbought the hell out of Series 1), but if you buy cards for enjoyment like I'm pretty sure most of you do, rather than to flip 'em for a profit or to pay for your kids' college fund (because that worked so well for our college funds), '11 is shaping up to be a really nice year. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that, and in the meantime, go look at some Heritage! They've got Mattingly in a Dodger uniform! Weird!

If you're not following Beardy's hunt for "Dutch" Schneider's encounter with the Babe, you're missing out, big time. "Dutch" was Beardy's wife's great-grandfather, and as legend has it, he faced Babe Ruth in a barnstorming game in 1923 and may have even struck him out. Beardy's been trying to get to the bottom of this, and it's been a blast to follow. Brad would love this. I need to drop him a line about it.

Beardy's also just about done posting the 1980 Topps giant Superstar set, complete with snide comments. Those have been great fun to watch, though he shouldn't oughta pick on some of these guys so much!

And finally, if you've lost track of it for a while, The Infinite Baseball Card Set has been updated pretty often recently, and Gary does have Series 1 card sets available right now. This site's one of my favorites.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. (Nope, not a new iPhone.) Elijah Dukes talks. I guess this means I won't see him playing for the Newark Bears this year. Good luck to him on his rap career, though, and on staying out of trouble.

OK, two more: if you didn't notice yet, I added a bunch of new sites to the links section of the sidebar. Check 'em out! If you'd like to be added and are updating your site regularly, let me know.


  1. There is nothing disturbing about Mattingly in a Dodgers uniform. I can't wait to get that card. I'll make it my header and force Yankee fans to look at it for years to come.

  2. I didn't say "disturbing", that was Keith's word. I said "weird". Me, I love that he's managing the Dodgers, and I really hope he's successful there, because it's about goddamned time Mattingly gets a ring. I can't wait to get the card, either. If you run into a spare before I do, keep me in mind.


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