Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Round Up for 2/24/11!

(Edit: doublechecked the card. The lines that look like scratches to the right of "THIRD BASE" are scanner smudges. Card's fine. Will scan again if need be, but it's all good. Need to clean my scanner bed more often.)

TRADEBAIT ALERT! This gold card of The Accursed One, 918/2011 is available for trade. Saw it when I was going through the insert pile at my local and couldn't let it sit there while all the Braves fans who read my site go without! I'd love to see it go for a card of my Player Of The Month before February is over. Derek's got it. Hmmm, speaking of which, I need to come up with a Player Of The Month for March. I think I know what I'm gonna do there...

Also of note on the site, I've gone the way of the Night Owl and added my first reader poll to the sidebar. I'm trying to decide whether to hang onto my doubles of cards I have in complete sets or not. Help me avoid making a decision on my own!

You've probably seen folks post about it all over, but if you haven't, The Greatest 21 Days is doing an awesome interview with minor league vet and erstwhile Major Leaguer Rick Lancelotti. Part I's up now. Really good stuff that promises to get even better as it goes along.

Just a quick one for today, but I'll probably be around during the weekend, posting about something or other. Be good!


  1. me, me, me!!! hold that card for me, I will send you a Bernnie even if I have to beg, borrow or steal one(okay steal means buy, but whatever)

  2. OK, Derek. You beat Colbey, dayf and whoever else reads this and digs teh Bravos. We can tack this onto Trade Round 3.


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