Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sometimes, I dabble in other sports.

I barely pay attention to basketball, and I know he's synonymous with "out for the season these days, but I love this guy. I'm not in love with the faux-'84 design (pet peeve: companies that half-ass "retro" issues, especially of their own product; you have the fonts, you know what the design was, do it right!), but any card of Yao Ming that I can impulse buy for a dime is a good Yao Ming card.

Continuing on the "impulse buy" tangent, I know this fella didn't make many friends at the 2010 World Cup, and I also know that he plays for my local Red Bulls, but I don't know much else about him (he was out of the Premiership by the time I started doing fantasy teams there). Still, again, for a dime, well worth it. This "World Of Sports" set would be awesome if they had some licenses. 

Ha, and by looking the Red Bulls site, I found out that I can watch free live pre-season futbol right friggin' now!


  1. Sometimes I think about buying other sports like basketball cards just for trade bait. Lots of people collect these and many times game used stuff is more prevalent and less expensive in the packs.

  2. I think that basketball product's been experiencing a resurgence in interest over the past year (even before that Griffin kid). As for whether I'd buy in just to trade it, it'd depend on the deal I got and whether I knew specifically of someone who I could trade it to. I dunno that I'd go in blind on something like that.


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