Saturday, February 5, 2011

"There's a sucker born every minute."

This kills the $5 Challenge for me this month, doesn't it? Ah well, I'll try again next month. Hey, at least it made for a topical post!

Of course, I could've just gone looking through my Eight Men Out cards to see if he's in there, too.

(Man, the fun you could have with this swatch at a forensics lab.)


  1. eww... instead of a penny sleeve... you might want to wrap this beauty up in a condom.

    hmmm... maybe i'm onto something here... card condoms. gotta get started on my new project.

  2. The experiment is harder than it looks huh? It took all my will power and then some to bypass a Garrett Atkins on card auto for $2.50 total when I didn't have that much left.

  3. Yeah, keeping it totally "pure" is very tough. I don't know how great I'll ever be at doing that and having fun at the same time, but you definitely gave me a whole mess of great info on the current market (or led me to it, anyway) that I can put to good use. Thanks for that!


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