Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tomahawk Chopping: The Second Trade!

So, Derek and I, being happy with the results of our first trade, decided to put the band back together, starting with this wonderful Topps 2020 David Price. (Still plugging away on finishing this set sometime before the Posey card's worth 47 million dollars. Get ahold of me if you have extras, folks!)

He also kicked me this Gold Price from last year, #14 (his uniform number)/2010. One thing that definitely did work about the '10 design was the way the rounded interior border complemented a pitcher's follow through on a shot like this one.

Can you guys believe I didn't have this Murph yet? (I'm actually missing a ton of the '83s.) Derek sent me this beauty and the Murphy All-Star from '83, bringing me 1/396th closer to finishing the set.

LOOK AT MY SHINY DICKEY, EVERYONE! I also got a shiny Cantu and a shiny Ruiz, but, while fine cards in their own right, they pale in comparison to the power of the shiny Dickey!

Hey, some inserts! I got a base Morneau and a base Wang from the X set in this deal too, but we'll just show off the die-cut Unit...

...and this mad crazy shiny foily embossed King Felix. As is usually the case with foil board, the scan does it no justice, but this is a loud, tacky, beautiful bastard of a card.

I'd inquired about this Bucky Dent card from The Set That I Shall Never Even Attempt To Build, and Derek obliged, but without telling me he was throwing anything else in, he went a lot further, too...


I love this guy. (Derek's pretty ok, too.) Derek also threw in a Clete Boyer, a Bobby Richardson, and some card of some fat bastard what hit 60 home runs one time from this set. He must really hate the Yankees! If you're building Yankee Stadium Legacy (you poor schmuck), I may be enticed to put the Boyer and the Richardson in better homes than mine (game numbers available upon request; the cards aren't in front of me right this second). I've also got a Frank Crosetti that I'd probably unload. Keeping Roger, Bucky and the Lou Gehrig that I have, though, and while I'm tempted to keep the Ruth, a solid trade offer might land it for you.

Thanks again for the cards, Derek, and check your email! I've actually got the beginnings of trade #3 in the works.

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