Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway

Thanks to Shane over at OFF THE WALL, I found out that the Topps Diamond Giveaway site was live, finally. How'd I do with my first code?

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Still, as '89 Topps cards go, getting one of Night Owl's number one fan doesn't totally suck. Ah well, onward and upward from here, right?

I really wish they would've just let us keep our MCG cards on this account (your MCG logins work for Diamond), since apparently, they're still warehousing this stuff anyway.

Also: trading isn't live yet, and the Diamond Dig game appears to be a little screwy. Not crediting me with my dig or the prize. Still, code entry works during the first week. That in itself is a huge improvement from last year.


  1. Scott, I noticed the same things about the trading and digging. Wasn't sure if the digging issue was because I am running on a Mac (OS10.6.5 and using Firefox). My old MCG log in did work though. It would be nice if Topps enhances the trading capabilities this go around. Have seen some 50's unlocked so people are getting vintage already.

  2. Man, I thought I'd be the first to post on this, but I guess I don't wake up early enough. Out of 11, I pulled 11 commons, but 4 were vintage ( 1 60s, 3 70s), so at least it wasn't a complete loss.

  3. Leopard rather than Snow Leopard here, but same browser and same result. When I get back from running errands (read: making convenient excuses to check the card shop for the last 15 '11s I need), I'll try it on Safari and let you know how I do.

    Cool that people are getting old stuff. I wonder if they'll take the Reuss for it?

  4. Matt: anyone good on the '60s-'70s commons front?

    And no, I wasn't the first to post on this, either. I don't have every card writer in the world loaded into my Google Reader (yet), but I'm giving credit to Shane for the scoop here. My theory is that he's had the ReloadEvery extension for Firefox enabled on the Topps Diamond site since January, and has been snorting Drano to stay awake. God bless you, Shane! :D

  5. hahaha I wasn't going to visit the diamond site knowing how frustrating and painfully slow the MCG site was that day it launched, but thought, ah what the hell. Surprised I was first in the blog roll to post about it. I'll take that.

  6. My only code unlocked a '91 Harold Reynolds. Bah


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