Sunday, March 27, 2011

The $5 Challenge: Pig In The City! Success!

Let's start by showing you the card I started with, just minutes after the month started...

Card #1: 1999 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Set #1
What did it cost? $.55 shipped
Why did I buy it? As I said earlier, "Because this card is so freakin' awesome I can't stand it."
Card #2: 1996 Old Judge Vladimir Guerrero
What did it cost? $.60 shipped
Why did I buy it? I'm always game for new cards of my pal Vladimir, and this one's pretty old.
Card #3: 1968 Topps AL Strikeout Leaders (Jim Lonborg/Sam McDowell/Dean Chance)
What did it cost? $.99 shipped
Why did I buy it? Despite its 1968-ness, this is a great card that features two players I collect (Chance and McDowell, who I've just added recently; in fact, this was my first Sam McDowell card). 

Card #4: 1997 Leaf Bip Roberts (OH NOES TEH BIPS!!!11), part of lot of 17 Royals from 1990s-present
What did it cost? $.30 shipped

Why did I buy it? This was one of a few qualifying lots I got from totalpackagenapa this month. Plus, it had a Bip in it and a 2001 Topps Heritage card (Jose Rosado, but it still fills a need) and these lots all helped me make massive progress on the killer trade Bo Rosny and I have going on.

(Note: this scan's been ganked from, because I'm not in front of my collection and I forgot to scan my copy of this card.)

Card #5: 1999 Topps Roy Halladay, part of lot of 12 Blue Jays from 1990s-present
What did it cost? $.45 shipped
Why did I buy it? I needed to replace my other '99 Doc, which came in a trade but got dinged in transit. Plus, there was also a 2001 Donruss Studio Brad Fullmer in there (love that set), and I got 10 more cards' worth of trade bait/set fillers as well.
Card #6: 1999 SPx Wade Boggs, part of lot of 13 Rays from 1990s-present

What did it cost? $.39 shipped

Why did I buy it? 1. I love Wade Boggs (I just crossed the 100 card plateau on him, only the 3rd player I've done that on along with Dave Winfield and Reggie Jackson) 2. There was also a bunch of other cool stuff in this lot including a Joey Gathright rookie (love that guy too) and a '99 EX Jose Canseco (I don't love Jose per se, but he's arguably, and for better or worse, the most important figure in baseball over the past 25 years, so I still collect his cards; plus, I'm collecting EX cards now, too).

 Card #7: 2000 Topps Gold Label Jose Canseco Class 3, part of lot of 13 Rays from 1990s-present
What did it cost? $.65 shipped

Why did I buy it? Well, I just mentioned Canseco in the last lot, but this is also a Topps Gold Label card, and I've developed a weakness for these in the same way I have EX cards. There was also a Gold Label Vinny Castilla in the lot, as well as an '01 Donruss Studio Ben Grieve and a '99 Topps Wade Boggs, along with the other tradebait that came in. This was the last lot of the Challenge, as I got back to single cards for the home stretch
Card #8: 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber Naturals Ted Williams 1847/2000
 What did it cost? $.44 shipped

Why did I buy it? Are you really going to ask me why I bought a numbered Ted Williams card? This is the first numbered card I managed to win in 2 months of doing The $5 Challenge, and it's a beaut. There's a coat of varnish on the card that makes it look and feel like real woodgrain, it's a great design, it's numbered and it's Teddy Ballgame.

Card #9: 1969 Topps Deckle Edge Maury Wills
What did it cost? $.25 shipped (!!!!)

Why did I buy it? It's a 42 year old insert card of a player I collect, in pretty good shape (a nick/crease on the right side that doesn't look out of place with the "deckles", but otherwise, sharp), for a quarter shipped. Very happy with this one.

Card #10: 2009 Topps Ring Of Honor Mark Buehrle
What did it cost? $.16

Why did I buy it? It's not as razzle-dazzle as some of the other cards, but I am building the '09 ROH set (and maybe eventually '08, now that I've got a few of those), and this is a terrific looking card of Mark Buehrle, one of my favorite current players.

Remaining funds: $.22
I win!
Thanks to Johnny at Cards from the Quarry for the inspiration with his own personal take on the Challenge, The Budget eBay Collector, which he also aced this month!

Will I do this again next month? I may, but in the interest of returning Johnny's gimmick to him, I will be doing so privately. You'll still see the cards, undoubtedly, but not as part of this series or with prices unless I get something insane for like a penny.


  1. My series is only going to happen every other month, so feel free to use the even numbered months. And you have put enough of your own spin on this that it's no longer just my gimmick. I will consider myself the inspiration behind it, but the $5 Challenge is all yours.

  2. We'll see how stuff goes, certainly, but thanks for being generous with it. It's been done a ton of different ways, certainly (The Card Investor has been doing their C-Note Challenge, for one), but mine was a direct cribbing of yours, so it's cool that you've been cool with that.

    Looking forward to seeing the details of your haul.


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