Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Artist Possibly Soon To Be Formerly Known As Potch Wheeler: The Trade!

A fella named Darren, who may end up changing residences, but who resides at Potch Wheeler And the Cardboard Heroes for at least the time being, got ahold of me a while back to see if they could help me knock off 2011 Topps with a deal for some of my '11 doubles. The '11 Topps part of things went the way of the dodo because my doubles got ganked right before he showed up, and my '11 needs, well, those got taken care of, but trade talks progressed and mutated and we ended up with a pretty interesting deal for old stuff and new.

Shiny Thome! I'm seriously going to be working on this set for the next 20 years, but when I do finish it, your sacrifices of shiny Thome and the other shiny dude you sent me whose name I forget will not be forgotten!

In the year 2020, Matt Kemp auditions to be one of the Beastie Boys.

I don't remember this being part of the deal we agreed upon, but Darren sent me a few extras (You guys!), and one of them was actually on my higher-priority want list! Whenever I hear ballplayers from his era talk about tough pitchers to face, John Tudor is very high up on the list, and I remember him being a tough, no-nonsense, impossible-to-hit kinda guy from my early days of watching baseball, too. He's another one who I hated to see my teams face, but grew an enormous amount of respect for over time, like Steve Garvey and this next guy...

This was also in the "we didn't agree to this" portion of the deal, but is very welcome! I need to post an email address here for the Hall of Fame, because Fernando is completely unrepresented in the 1981 case in the museum, despite owning that season. It's a travesty, and they're tired of me emailing them to complain, so you folks should take up the cause!

This here Robb Nen Classic minor league card was another cool, nice surprise. Totally out of left field, and of a player who I don't have a lot of (yet).

And now...the parade of '78s! Great Reggie card here.

And an incredibly airbrushed Kong, who played for every team BUT the Cubs in '77, so it was probably murder to pin him down. Topps decided to get the jump on '78 for some reason, maybe to cover up the other 3 uniforms they'd previously airbrushed onto this picture.

Bobby Grich auditions for the Sears catalog here.

...while Darrell Porter looks like every guy my dad worked or drank with in the '70s and early '80s. He's also throwing the horns here. Check out his left hand. Big Dio fan before he was born again, that Darrell Porter.

In our last '78 of the day, Henry Cruz looks entirely too fly for a guy with only 310 career plate appearances in the bigs. Ah, yes. Looks like he did the AAAA thing, with a side order of the Puerto Rican and Mexican leagues. He's also coached some in the minors. I'm pretty sure that he fit in a stretch as road manager for The Gap Band somewhere, as well.

To finish up this post, I bring you the stark, existential horror of floating Cub heads. Floating O-Pee-Chee Cub heads, no less.

Thanks to Darren for an awesome, fun trade!

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  1. Thanks Scott. I had fun checking out your wish list to give me some ideas of a few fun extras to toss in. Glad you liked the cards. Let's trade again sometime.


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