Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Binge Part II: A whole mess of '67s

I was totally just admiring this card (or at least, a text listing of it) during The Great Mooss Trade Bait Draft Of 2011.

The Cards: 27 1967 Topps Cards in various conditions

How much were they? $9.54 shipped

Why did I buy them? '67 Topps is on my bucket list of sets to complete, and this was a nice assortment. Here's a few more highlights...

It's not really visible here but this Cepeda card is a little creased up. Still, well worth having.

I am beginning to recognize the sheer badassery of George Scott's cards. First the '77, now this. He looks MEAN here. The Rookie Cup is also gigantic lookin' on this card.

Wasn't I just talking about not having any Ron Santo-on-the-Cubs cards? Well, I got one and it's pretty good.

The other cards were Roy Face, Rusty Staub, Mike Cuellar (I've got a double of Cuellar now if anyone's interested, though the double's a beater), Lindy McDaniel, Camilo Pascual, Zoilo Versailles, Ron Fairly, Hal Reniff, Dalton Jones, Minnie Rojas, Rich Rollins, George Altman, Steve Barber, Eddie Stanky, Dooley Womack, Ken Berry, Tom Haller, Paul Schaal, Rick Reichardt, Jim McGlothin (I used to have this, but I think Ben Henry ended up with it), Jim Gosger, Earl Battey, and Barry Moore.

Not terrible for $.35 a card, really, and a nice kickstart to my '67 set.

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