Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Binge Part III: '70 Topps Leaders

The Cards: 16 Assorted 1970 Topps Leaders cards (The listing said 15. Bonus!)

How much did they cost? if I tell you that, you guys will totally undercut me on trade offers! Nah, they were $7.54 shipped. Now be nice!

Why did I buy them? Well, I needed all 6 of the unique cards for my '70 set, which is just sorta happening because I'm getting the Pilots and because I run into the stuff. Plus, these things are covered with Hall Of Famers. For instance, the card above has four guys in the Hall on it, plus two 300 game winners (Seaver and Niekro). The thing is, I said that there were 6 unique cards in a 16 card lot, didn't I? Yep, trade bait! I've got 5 extra of the card above, if anyone's interested! Make offers!

Here are the other unique cards:

AL ERA Leaders (Dick Bosman, Jim Palmer and Mike Cuellar). 3 extra of this one, O's fans!

NL ERA Leaders (Juan Marichal, Steve Carlton and Bob Gibson). 3 more Hall of Famers. No doubles on this, sadly. As an aside, they totally re-used the Carlton pic from his '68 card here.

NL RBI Leaders (Willie McCovey, Ron Santo and Tony Perez). Ha, 2 cards of Santo on the Cubs now! Bit of a miscut here. No doubles on this either, unfortunately.

NL Strikeout Leaders (Fergie Jenkins, Bob Gibson, Bill Singer). I've got a double of this if anyone's game.

"'Til the one day when the pitcher went to prison...and they knew it was much more than a hunch!"

(OK, that was awful.)

AL Pitching Leaders (Deep breath now...Denny McLain, Mike Cuellar, Dave Boswell, Dave McNally, Jim Perry, Mel Stottlemyre; the only one without any Hall Of Famers, though some folks would make a case for Cuellar). I've got one double of this, with some mild paper loss on the "9" in 1969. I'd be keeping the miscut pictured here either way, but caveat emptor on trade offers.

I'm not always in love with leader cards, but this is a pretty OK bunch of them.


  1. Save that leaders dupe of Singer (OK, I guess there's a Jenkins and Gibson there, too) for me. When I get my act together, I'll tell you what I've got for it.

  2. Done. It's on top of the Hostess Yeager card, waiting for you to wade through my mess of a want list.


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