Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Binge Part VIII: Possibly The Most Beaten-Up Card Ever

I really should put this card behind a cut tag or something. It might be upsetting to those of you with delicate constitutions. Oh, the hell with it. Behold, the worst 1970 Topps Thurman Munson you'll ever see!

The Card: 1970 Topps Yankees Rookie Stars (Thurman Munson RC) in truly abyssmal condition

How much did it cost me? $2.49 shipped

Why did I buy it? Well, there are a number of reasons. 

For starters, it's definitely in the top 5 worst-condition cards of any era that I've ever seen. I blew this picture up extra large, but it still doesn't do it justice. When you hold this card, it feels like it's going to turn to dust in your hands like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Second, I've talked before about how I rarely find Thurman Munson cards in the wild that aren't at least a little beaten up. Kids in New Jersey really loved their Thurman Munson cards, and they showed that love by beating the holy hell out of them. This card is like the Mona Lisa of beaten-up Thurman Munson cards. None compare.

Third, regardless of how beaten up it is, it was the last base Topps Thurman Munson card (not counting stuff like In Action, leaders, etc.) that I needed. I do plan on upgrading at some point, but for now, if someone asks me if I have any Thurman Munson cards, I can say "I have all of his regular Topps cards" and not be lying.

Finally, the price was right! This poor, loathesome card actually made it to the auction end with no other bidders aside from myself, despite a great listing describing its poor, loathesome state by the seller. Thanks for the card, Chris!

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