Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Binge Part X: Furillo!

The Card: 1954 Bowman Carl Furillo

How much did it cost? $6.25 shipped

Why did I buy it? As I've been buying and trading for Brooklyn Dodger cards over the past couple of years, Mr. Furillo here has been elusive. Always either too much money or not around at all. So, one of the goals of The Binge has been to get at least 1 Carl Furillo card. As it turns out, I've won four in a week, all at pretty reasonable prices. It was money I shouldn't have spent on bubble gum cards, but I didn't totally break the bank, either. This is actually the second of the four cards I won, as the other three are still in transit. Card #1 should be here within the next day or two, and 3 and 4 (two of the last few items I'd been watching as part of The Binge; I'm still monitoring four items, and one's ending in a few minutes. Update: crap, I lost it.) are in transit as well.

As for this card in particular? It's in really nice shape, it's my first '54 Bowman, and any card of Carl Furillo smiling that great smile of his is a card worth having!

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  1. Nice card...I haven't seen too many '54 Bowmans for some reason, but I like the design


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