Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Binge Part XIII: The Final Edition (for now)

The Card: 1959 Topps Roy Campanella Symbol Of Courage

What did it cost me? $7.51 shipped (!!!!!!!!!!)

Why did I buy it? Oh, come on. This is one of the most iconic cards in the history of 'em. As you can see in the scan, this one's lived a long, full life and the centering is pretty brutal, but it's also a $150 book value card, so barring further and much greater insanity, this is probably the best I'm going to do. I'm very happy with it, and I can't believe I actually own this card.

So, to wrap up:

I spent $79.60 total on the 13 purchases in The Binge over the course of about a month, way, way more than I should be spending on cards on eBay but less than some of you spend on a box of wax on a somewhat regular basis. My life/money situation is different than most peoples', though, so your mileage may vary. This was roughly 16 times more than The $5 Challenge (which I will be doing a wrap-up on, as soon as card #10 shows up; spoiler alert: it can be done and done well, but this post right here is an example of how not to do it).

On the other hand, I got low-grade versions of a few Holy Grail-type cards (the Munson rookie and the Campy you see above). I got a mess of Brooklyn Dodgers (Campy, 4 Furillos including a '54, '55, '56 and '57 and the '54 Clem Labine, along with the Campy relic). I finished my base Topps Munson run with these and the Mona Lisa of beaten-up Munson cards. I got an awesome start to my '51 Ringside collection (with a baseball history tie-in, no less) with a card that's been invisible on eBay since I won one. I picked up a few nice lots of cards from sets I want to build eventually ('67 and '71). I got a ton of '70 Topps Leaders for my own collection and for tradebait. I even put a little dent into Topps Ring Of Honor for some reason (probably the least impressive of the purchases, but hey, it is on my want list).

I also did something that I'm proud of: at least for now, I've stopped. There are still 2 "Buy It Now" auctions listed on my watched items (those have been there for weeks), but I haven't checked my saved searches in days. I've also only spent about $12 on Heritage so far (thanks to some store credit I had laying around), and I'm not in a huge hurry to blow a big chunk of change on it. It'll be out there.  I've walked out of Target (and other stores) without cards in my hands a lot lately. and I definitely dialed things down after I started to get a handle on what was really going on here. I've grabbed cheap stuff at the flea market, and I may pick up a few Heritage singles today, but other than that, I'm good for the time being.

I actually traced things even further than what I'd written in that post about what's been going on, pinning a lot of the purchases to anxiety related to one upcoming event that's since passed, and pinning certain things about my card collecting in general to a form of stress relief. Josh Wilker wrote a lot in Cardboard Gods about how, throughout his childhood (and a good chunk of his adulthood, really), he clung to his cards, because they made sense in a world that usually didn't. I definitely think I have some of that going on. I can remember an instance from about 7 years ago when I lost control of my car in the rain, spun out, ended up in the middle of a cornfield and almost flipped my Jeep before coming to a complete stop. I got mud all over my jeans when I went out to check the car and talk to the police officer who responded, and one of my tires would be flat in not too long at all, but I still drove to my local as soon as I'd pulled out of the field and looked at cards, unhurt but probably in shock. The bulk of the organization I've done with my collection (not the cataloguing; that's happened during happy times) happened over the course of about 6 months, after a major breakup. There are other examples of my doing this throughout my life (I used to have to re-alphabetize my CDs after every jarring life event, back when people still bothered with CDs), but lately, it's been cards. There's calm in those cards, and what better order is there than alphanumerical? 

I'm off on a tangent here, though. Back to the issue at hand. I'll be eating peanut butter sandwiches and pasta for at least another 2 weeks, but I did get nice cards, and it could've been much, much worse. Thanks as always for bearing with me through it all, and I hope you've gotten some enjoyment and/or insight from this, as I have.

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