Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Binge Part VI: MOAR 71S

The Cards: 12 higher number '71 Topps cards, including Lowell Palmer, the man with the coolest shades this side of Reggie Jackson.

How much did they cost? $3.47 shipped

Why did I buy them? I'm definitely looking to build '71 Topps, because I'm a total masochist, and this was a decent lot of higher number stuff, at least in name anyway. I'm not completely in love with the condition on these, but as set fillers, they're fine, and I got Mr. Palmer and Walt "No Neck" Williams out of the way...

Alas, the No Neck card probably took the worst beating of the bunch, but the picture's clear.

 I was also struck by an Astros uniform that I don't think I've seen very often, on this Denny LeMaster card. Weird chest logo, isn't it?

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