Saturday, March 12, 2011

BlueClaws Fan Fest

After the flea market, I headed over to BlueClaws Fan Fest, as tickets went on sale today, and I just wanted to bum around the ballpark a bit in general. They do a great thing every year where they hook people up with 2 free tickets if they bring some non-perishable food for their food drive, so I threw soup their way, and that covered this:

Now, this could turn out to be an ordinary Friday night game in Lakewood. However, all signs point to the Nationals assigning this guy to Class A Hagerstown whether he plays his ass off in camp or not. Me, I think it's ridiculous, but if it means that I get to see Mr. The Future Of Our Sport By God in person at my local ballpark and maybe, just maybe get some ink from him, then they can be ridiculous through at least mid-May.

Back to Fan Fest, though. There was a pretty nice turnout for a cool, breezy March day, and while some people griped about the lines (there's a shocker), I thought it was a pretty well-organized thing. Staff had information for whoever needed it, the new grass is coming in nicely on the field, and they had free food for everyone! A cheeseburger, a hot dog, chips and a soda just for showing up! Thanks, BlueClaws! Now, hurry up and announce this year's baseball autograph guests! (They've got the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and Captain America showing up this year on the non-baseball guest side; smartly, they booked Cap on a different day than the other two.)

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