Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cards From The Quarry: The (second) Trade!

You're goddamn right I'm opening with a marathoner! Not just any marathoner, though. Maybe the best ever!

Lately, Johnny has been opening boxes of some interesting stuff, and ending up with a ton of trade bait from them, so I gave him a buzz and got in on some of it. As you can see above, the Goodwin Champions set that I sorta overlooked 2 years ago was high on the list, but the deal started with other stuff.

This crazy green die-cut of 2010 BlueClaw Anthony Hewitt was probably the big piece in the deal. Anthony still hasn't really found his mojo in the minors and may be back with Lakewood this year, but he is only 21 and the scouting reports on him all suggested a ton of raw talent. Me, I'm just happy to add a BlueClaw and the card's kinda crazy-lookin'.

I have no idea how I totally overlooked Upper Deck Icons when they came out a couple of years ago. These are fantastic looking cards.

Always happy to have another card of my fantasy team mainstay. (I've had him continuously since he was in Boston, loafing or no loafing!)

Here's Hambone, hitting the crap out of something.

Johnny also cracked some Upper Deck Timelines recently, so I snagged a couple of those, including King Felix here.


I totally have to make with the photo editing and isolate that inset picture. I figure I can play that for laughs for about 10 years.

And, to finish up, back we come with the Goodwins. I've got them coming in from one other trade, and there's a stack of them from yet another that's here, so I'll keep you guys from ODing on them, but this is a great portrait of my man Vladimir.

Thanks again for the cards, Johnny!

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