Friday, March 11, 2011

A care package from Gary Cieradkowski!

Yesterday, I got a really nice letter in the mail from Gary Cieradkowski, thanking me for my and this site's support of The Infinite Card Set and Gary's other projects (hey, thank you, Gary!), along with some goodies!

Hey, it's Fidel! I was totally going to order the card yesterday before I got the mail, too. Thanks to Gary and Topps Heritage, I've actually got 3 Fidel Castro cards now. What a weird player collection that'd be.

This is pretty awesome, too! Gary featured the-recently-departed Wally Yonamine not too long ago, and he sent me this card, which Rob Fitts, the author of Wally's biography uses as a business card of sorts! Sad that Wally's not with us anymore, but it's very cool to have a card of his.

There were other goodies in the package, but as some of them will be in the prize package for my next "CAPTION THIS CARD!" contest, I can't talk about them...yet.

Thanks again for the kind words, the swag, and for doing one of the best damn baseball sites out there, Gary!

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