Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Crinky Wrappers Box of Magic Brings Series 1 To A Close!

So, I come home from my weekend plans to a bunch of packages, and one of them, from Crinkly Wrappers, is actually an 800 count box. A full 800 count box. Amazingly, this wasn't from a trade. This was "just because". I open it up, and in addition to an absolute ton of my 2010 Topps needs (hundreds of cards, from Series 1 to Update; I'll spare you all the scans of '10 product, since we just closed the book on it) and a huge stack of '07 Topps Update were the last 9 cards I needed to finish 2011 Topps Series 1.

(Heath Bell is here to bring us full circle.)
 The last base Topps product I built was '09 Update, and I bought a cheap box of that on a whim. Between singles piles, trades and insane displays of generosity like this box, I put together Series 1 in a month in a half, after only opening something like 15 packs. Thanks to everyone who helped me finish this one so quickly and economically, even if there's no way I finish that Wrapper Redemption business!
That wasn't all, though! In addition to all that base Topps love, there were also a handful of Ginters that I needed, a bunch of Topps 60, Toppstown and Kimball from this year, some '08 Heritage (!) and even a couple of sneaky Goodwins, like this one of Mr. Change-Up here!

No, not you, Lowell Palmer! Who let you out again, anyway?

Yeah, this dude! There was a Joe Carter Goodwin in there, too. That set's full of surprises, especially if you don't remember who's on the checklist and don't cheat by looking!

Huge, huge thanks to moremonkeys138 over at Crinkly Wrappers for the literal ton of stuff! I will be keeping a close eye out for Jays for you for the forseeable future!


  1. Ah, Crinkly's up to his old tricks. He's done that to me as well. Totally Awesome to get boxes of stuff you did not know was coming!!!

  2. I knew it was coming, but I was expecting a 200 or maybe a 400 count box. 800? Not so much. Totally awesome indeed.


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